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horselady | 08:34 Thu 18th Apr 2019 | Adverts
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I suppose as niggles go this is a very minor one, but will someone please tell the young woman on the latest Enterprise car rental advert that the word is not "anythink" but is anything. ;-))


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It's an appeal to the masses, it's the KFC ones that make my blood boil.
at least she's not saying anyfink ...
Question Author
Oh yes Prudie, spend a lifetime teaching children and grandchildren to speak properly and then we get adverts like that.
Bad examples are accepted by the powers that be nowadays.

Complained about an ad once, where a kid was screaming and the parents allowing it. Awful role example for kids watching. But the ASA failed to have the sense to understand the blatantly obvious problem that I'd described. Said it was ok for the screaming because it wasn't out of fear. I then realised it was worthless poining out issues to them after that. They intend to encourage unacceptable behaviour and make it the norm.
OG I agree, have a personal niggle about the one where a dad is asking his son to look at his new car and the kid is disinterested because it's not some kind of fantasy space car (sorry can't think what the make is for) but the upshot is the kid throws a wobbly and throws a load of paper or something at his dad. It's the lack of reaction from the dad about the disrespect - I'm going to sound uptight but that's how lack of discipline and respect in later life starts because it's allowed to happen at that age.
Prudie I have no kids and I hate that ad too.
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Agree again Prudie, the thing is, neither my children when they were little, or any of my grandchildren would even have thought of doing that in the first place, they just knew it wasn't something they would be allowed to do. None of them were or are angels, lord knows, but to throw something at a parent, or teacher come to that, wouldn't have entered their minds.
This is the one I mean
I just can't see the problem there, just take the little blighter indoors, takes his trousers down and gibe his @ rse a good spanking........then take him outside again to see the new car.
You mean the head of the advertising team that devised the Ad? well know what I mean and that advert really exemplifies the relationships and methods of child discipline that we see today.

Give the little blighter 30 mins on the "naughty step"...that will show him.
Of course I know what you mean , the problem if any lies with an adult though.

Child is doing as he is told.

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