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kazzee69 | 22:52 Sun 11th Sep 2005 | Adverts
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Hey, You know that Ikea advert where the baby is sitting on the sofa and the mum hands the baby a red marker pen, then the writing appears on the screen and it says the Ikea new catalogue is out! I just saw it and I knew I reconised the mum in it and I'm sure she used to play Rona in '2 point 4 children'. Does anyone know if this is her or does anyone else see the resemblence. She had short brown hair in the program but in the advert she has long blonde hair, but '2 point 4 children' was a good 10yrs ago!


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Julia hills is in casualty from time to time and she doesn't look like the lass from the ikea advert in that.

But who knows, could still be.

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Actually I just googled her and looked at a few pictures of what she looks like now and she doesn't look anything like girl in the advert. Damn I was sure it was her. Ohwell.

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Ikea Advert!

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