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Poochie05 | 11:28 Fri 10th Jun 2005 | Adverts
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Does anyone remember an ad in the 80s for Ladybird children's clothes with a song that sounded as if it was from a Disney film? The words were "We're busy doing nothing/working the whole day through/trying to find lots of things not to do". I've never come across this song since but it's one that springs to mind regularly and I'd love to find it!


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The song ' Busy doing nothing' is from ' A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court'.  Sung by Bing Crosby.

I've found a version by Peter & the Test Tube Babies

Busy Doing Nothing

We're busy doing nothing, working all day through,
we're trying to find lots of things not to do.
We're busy going nowhere, isn't it such a crime ?
we'd like to be unhappy but we never do have the time.

I have to watch the river to see that it doesn't stop,
and stick around the rosebuds so they'll know when to pop.
Better keep those crickets cheerful,they're really a solemn bunch,
farso, farso. I never have the time for lunch.

I'd like to meet a turtle, and teach him how to swim,
then I have to shine the dew-drops, they're looking rather dim.
Meet my friend the robin and buy him a brand new vest.
Farso, farso, I never have time to rest.

was also a minor UK hit in 1983 for Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin
This is driving me nuts.  I'm sure i have seen a Yankee in king arthurs court, but that's not where i know the song from.  All the sites i've looked at have the same problems and the same answers.  I am sure this song was used in a Disney Animated Film.  The closest reference i can find is Snow White but no-one seems to know which part of snow white it could be from and it's not listed on any of the Disney sound tracks. I've been through everything from Dumbo to Pinocchio. I have this image of insects or mice or something singing it.
I also thought it was sung by the seven dwarfs in Snow White but I can't find any reference to it either!
I think the song was in the British animated film "The Water Babies".
Thanks Poochie I spent the whole morning with that song going round and round in my head.  Dont thing was in an animated film though.
That's right, the song is from ' A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court'. In the film it was sung by Bing Crosby, Sir Cedric Hardwicke and William Bendix.
I recall quite clearly singing this song alone on stage at school aged 6! It was part of a school performance of �Pinocchio� although it isn�t listed on the Walt Disney �Pinocchio Soundtrack�.

My grandmother came to see that performance and in the years in between she�s often sung it back to me. She died at the end of 2005 a month after I became a father. They never got to meet each other. However since my little boy has started sittting in my lap while I �puter I have begun singing my half remembered version to him.
I thought it was from old english vaudeville with the likes of Flanders and Swan or someone of that era. I remember hearing it on NZBC in the late forties/early fifties. Also another song, "Goodnight everyone, you've earned your daily bread; don't be late in the morning, goodnight and go to bed".
You would be well advised to believe Falco's response. He is correct.
The film was quoted (UK- "A Yankee in King Arthurs Court) and it was sung by Bing Crosby, Sir Cedric Hardwicke and William Bendix. (The original "Last of the Summer Wine " trio!)
It's now being used by MacDonalds - a complete lie, unfortunately!
Now been appropriated by McDonalds. Listen / download here tist=bing
Something tells me that this was a B side to a 45 in the sixties. I recall being very disappointed because I was only interested in the A sides at the time.
Unfortunately, I don't have the records now but these are possibles:

Windmills in Old Amsterdam


Might be wrong.
It's not sunjg by Bing Crosby alone!
It was sung by the trio of stars in the movie.
Bing Crosby, William Bendix and Sir Cedric Hardwicke.
It was on a vinyl I had as a child from the film "Snow White and teh Seven Dwarves". So, yes, you may well have heard it there if you have watched the film. It was a favourite of mine - still have it somewhere - must be worth a bit!

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