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Vietnam Migrant Thread

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anotheoldgit | 21:49 Wed 27th Nov 2019 | Editor's Blog
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Dear Editor I earlier requested for my thread to be removed in the news section but it seems you have chosen to just close it down, making it impossible for me to thank those who have accepted my apology in the manner it was given.


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Aog, a lot of people gave views, so I think it is fairer to keep it. Your apology is clearly there for anyone to see x
Question Author
I understand that but also are my posts, for which I am totally ashamed of.
Aog, you said that on there... please don't worry too much xx
Perhaps it's been left so people can see your apology and let Ed decide in the morning, office most likely closed when you requested removal.
If those are your genuine views, you have no need to apologise. If you have changed your mind, you could always start a new different thread. Totally up to you xx
I wouldn't worry about it. You said what you thought at the time.

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Vietnam Migrant Thread

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