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Ed, Can We Have A Poll On How Abers Will Vote In The Forthcoming General Election Please?

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naomi24 | 12:15 Fri 01st Nov 2019 | Editor's Blog
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And just for New Judge (and anyone else who thinks similarly), could you please include a 'None of the Above' option. :o)

Many thanks.


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Question Author
Thank you.
What a surprise the results will be :-)
Here is a list of options that we are going to include in the poll:

-Liberal Democrat
-Sinn Féin
-Change UK
-Plaid Cymru
-Green Party
-Other, I will say below.
-None of the above.

Are there any options that should be available that we do not have in our list?
Brexit Party
Brexit Party
Does 'won't be voting' come under 'none of the above' ?
You've got to be having a laugh, ED.
I will include an option for those who will not be voting.
Question Author
anneasquith, //What a surprise the results will be :-) //

Surprisingly perhaps, AB polls are often a fairly accurate prediction of the actual outcome.
As there are a fair few independent MPs, they should be an option
Thanks SpareEd.
My pleasure.
Larry the Cat for Prime Minister
Folk can change their voting opinions but once a choice has been made in this poll, it cannot be changed.

Would it be an idea to ask the same question in another separate poll in a few weeks' time?
How representative of the national vote do you think this poll is? Are ABers predominantly supporters of one particular party or are we a genuine cross section of the population with the same range of opinions?

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Ed, Can We Have A Poll On How Abers Will Vote In The Forthcoming General Election Please?

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