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New Site: Big Beta Test Next Week

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AB Editor | 16:43 Fri 06th Jan 2017 | Editor's Blog
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Hi All!

Thanks for your patience over the last few months with the new website development. We're more or less there, with a small technical issue of blending a few of the less used categories into their parent categories. This is a bigger challenge than expected, and should be underway in the next couple of weeks.

We're going to send out invites to join us on the beta site next Monday to about 5000 AnswerBank Members.

Here's a quick Q&A explaining it to those of you who have never been part of one of these beta tests before.

Q: I don't appear to have been selected for the beta test?
A: The selection was a random slice of recently active users. There's a slim chance you weren't chosen. But to be absolutely sure, please check your spam folder, and, if you really want to be in, send us an email to the normal address.

Q: Great! I'm in, can I use my normal username to log in to the development site, as I would on the live site?
A: Yes, you can! Log in as if you were logging in to the live site.

Q: Do my posts appear on both the development site, and the live site?
A: No, your comments on the development site are completely separate.

Q: Do normal rules apply?
A: Yes!

Q: What am I looking for?
A: You're looking for anything that seems out of place, wrong, annoying, or buggy. This could include, but is not limited to:
* Can you access the site on all of your devices (laptop/desktop, tablet, mobile)?
* Can you read the site easily, and post and answer questions?
* Is anything broken?
* Can you make your way around the site easily? Is there anything confusing about the way the navigation works?
* Have you noticed something new, does it work like you expect?
* We've changed the way the adverts appear, hopefully they're of a higher quality. While we know that no one loves adverts, these changes to the way we display adverts on The AnswerBank makes the site more
We've added an additional advertising type, which sometimes follows you down the page. We'd like to know your thoughts on this kind of advert.

Q: Okay, I have something to report, how do I let you know about it?
A: Reply to this email, telling us:
* How you created the issue (what page you were on, what you were trying to do)
* What the issue is (how it effects you, what does it look like)
What you were using when the issue arose (were you on your phone, tablet, desktop?)
* What browser and operating system you were using at the time (Chrome on OSX, Edge on Windows 10, etc)
* If you think it would help, take a screenshot of the issue and send it over!

Q: Why isn't the search returning results?
A: Because it's plugged into the live site, so it won't return development site results. It does work, we promise!

Q: What if I am the first to arrive?
A: Start a new question about the new site and wait for your fellow abers to join in!


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Question Author
I'll send out the invites at 10.30am
Question Author
email has gone out!
Hi Ed,
Off topic I know but is there an Onwards & Downwards thread for January please?
Just asking because I'm feeling terribly smug after breaking the 18 st mark by 3 quarters of a pound!
Thanks in advance.
Morning Ed. I couldn't get my wee kindle to post, although I did enter data with no problems.

Could you resend the link please and I'll have a go on the laptop.

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New Site: Big Beta Test Next Week

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