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Who Is Leading Us Astray?

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askyourgran | 19:34 Sun 28th Jun 2015 | Editor's Blog
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I have been Googling the answer to the Sunday Express crossword today for a name for an upholstered bench. The Answerbank are showing up on Google with the question, but when I click on to the question it comes up with a completely different question and answer. What is going on?


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it might just have cached a version of the page that had the question in latest posts. But when you go to the page you get newer latest posts.
Do not know what is going wrong but answer is banquette if you still need it.
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Got it anyway ubasses thank you. I went down the Google list of half a dozen Answerbank headings mentioning the 'upholstered bench' question and they all gave answers to another question for that crossword when I clicked on it.
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Often best to try the search facility on here to get a crossword answer, then if not asked revert to Google for other sources.
Google mines all the keywords and phrases on the home page. So your crossword question must have been in recent posts when Google's robots scanned the page.

The recent posts is useful on the homepage because one of Google's criteria for ranking pages highly, is how often it is updated. The recent posts update continually, hence it came high in your search results.

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Who Is Leading Us Astray?

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