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sp1814 | 18:32 Wed 17th Jul 2013 | Editor's Blog
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Is there any chance of AB developing an Android/iOS app?

You know...for us nerds?


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Have you tried the mobile version of AB? I have it on the home page of my smart phone and on my Droid tablet.
We have the "webapp" here:

It's not too bad!
I like it
i dont
We designed to be divisive. Seems to have worked.
I tend to use AB on an iPad, and the standard website is much better than the mobile version. That is not ABs fault, I much prefer other websites than mobile sites (BBC ones and newspaper ones).

I do not think sites such as this are suited to an app. I downloaded the BBC News app and did not like it.

Also think it would be difficult. There are possibly over a hundred links on an AB page and you need to be able to navigate about. You wouldn't be able to do that with a fixed app page.
On my iPhone it cuts the writing off the right hand side so you have yo fill the missing words in yourself. Although that's better sometimes.
I don't like the app, I like to stick with things that I am familiar with.
It is a compromise Gromit, that is true.

Which iPhone Evian? We'll try and fix it.
Sorry, just seen your reply Ed. iPhone 4.
Ta. We'll test and see what we can do.
Pah... I asked this question ages ago and got hardly any response. Favouritism I call it!

I also don't like the mobile version and tend to view as normally.
Question Author
Cheers Ed - will look at the mobile version of the page later tonight...
The free version of app is now available for free on Tutuapp . You can download this app from

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