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Formatting Posts

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Count_Emmup | 12:14 Tue 05th Apr 2011 | Editor's Blog
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I'm sure I used to be able to apply [i]italics[/i] and [b] bold[/b} to my posts by doing that. Has that function been removed or am I barking up the wrong tree?


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You can't do it any more.
It wasn't reinstated after the site redesign last year.

from the occasional posts on random threads from the ed saying <b>sillystuff</b> (which are quickly changed straight afterwards) it looks like they are working on implementing the bold again at least.
Question Author
I thank you!
///it looks like they are working on implementing the bold again at least.///

That was us reminding ourselves if the filter accepts html - sadly it doesn't at the moment. If we do allow formatting in the old style we will probably implement it through the content filter.
is a content filter something that filters out those who are discontented? That would make AB a happier place.
Chuck whta does that <silly stuff>b actually mean?
the ED tried it out in a thread of mine to see if it worked???
The text "silly stuff" is irrelevant and could be anything.

the <b> and </b> are HTML tags, the <b> turns on bold text and the </b> turns it off again.

So if this site was HTML enabled then the sentence above would have the phrase "turns on bold text and the" in bold because it's between the two tags.
thanks for the answer Chuck
I want :-) to turn into a smiley yellow face. Surely your computer geniuses can do that sort of thing for us ed.
wolfe, try this site for an av
jno...You know that,recently, I was suspended for a few hours when the contents of my postings were uncontentious.

Perhaps AB does have at least one filter that is incontinent. :-)


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Formatting Posts

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