I and my OH are planning a big holiday out in the Caribbean somewhere, So do we opt for a Sandals holiday or is there another all inclusive travel agent who are just as good or even better? Or which island would you suggest as best?
07:47 Tue 08th Nov 2011
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Antigua's Jolly Beach resort is good place to stay,went there a number of years ago.
Antigua itself is a beautiful island with plenty of beaches.
Barbados is also very nice especially the West coast :-)
I was lucky enough to win a 7 night's all inclusive holiday to Barbados earlier this year. It was with Almond Resorts, they have 3 resorts on Barbados (and 1 I think on St Lucia). We opted for Almond Beach Village and it was excellent - I would definately recommend trying them
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Thanks to both of you I will do some research on them.
I'd highly recommend you check out St. Kitts and Nevis in the Lesser Antilles chain. Lots of places to stay, great diving, laid-back and somewhat British in culture... we've enjoyed them for years. Not a lot in the way of night life, but small price to pay for everything else in an unspoiled setting...
Check out Tortola in the's paradise.
Do you definitely want all inclusive? I think you get a more authentic Caribbean experience if you venture out to local restaurants, bars, shops etc. I can highly recommend Barbados, either the west or south west coast.
I have been to Sandals St Lucia (1997) and Beaches ( part of Sandals chain - 2003) and both were lovely except for the fact that we were ripped off on the rooms.

They don't skimp on food or drink or entertainment. However ... I think I could have got more for my £10k in the Turks and Caicos ..
I took my mum to the Bahamas ( Radisson Cable Beach - 2000) and the whole holiday cost just over £3k. Money well spent!!

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