famous David's

9,Who's Harry 5 and 7 letters
11' Blues Leader 5 and 7 letters.
17,Landscope Prowess 5 and 5 letters.
20,Welsh no 10 5,5 and 6 letters.26

26,Magical man/Almost a female fox 5 and 5 letters.
20:34 Thu 08th Mar 2012
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Blues leader, David Cameron.
26 David Nixon
20 David Lloyd George
Question Author
Thankyou for your help askyourgran,sunny-dave and shooty.
you're welcome. i will keep looking : )
9 dr who - david tennant ?
9 David Tennant
defo david tennant. he was also in harry potter
26 will be David Nixon, but I don't understand the second part of the clue- it's stretching it a bit to say Nixon is almost the same as Vixen
Question Author
thanks once again shooty,and also to pizza and katburd.
: )

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