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My car exhaust split in two last wednesday morning when trying to set off for work at 11am, and so I went indoors and found a wrapped shoulder sling in the first aid box, bandaged the exhaust together with it (I ran the car up onto the kerb to get at the pipe) and then went to work (7 miles but went the A road way not the motorway way) then a bloke at work went to hoppycraft and got some wire and ted eaust pipe together over the bandage, 9 hours later on my way home the bandage caught fire just as I arrived at my work colleagues house, (i give her a lift when we work til 9pm) and her hubby threw some water on the burning bandage, waited for it to cool and then tore it away (what was left of it) the wire was still intact. It's still wired up as I have worked every day since then and the exhaust places were not open before 8am or after 6pm! so avday ofday and noone can even look at it let alone get me a new exhaust! So I've tried to google exhuast prices but it's no good I cannot get to a proper price quote! I'm back at work tomorrow until Christmas Day, then they'll all be shut til at leasy wednesday 27th! Is there anything i can get that is better than the hobbycraft wire to keep me going til then? Mind you I am working the 27th anyway : (
15:34 Mon 19th Dec 2011
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this is a serious motoring question though it does have the bizarre chatterbank feel about it sorry!
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lol I've been trying to find an exhaust bandage in the local petrol garages but noone stocks them, do they still exist?
Yes, halfords stock them.
Dotty, I think local petrol garages just charge over the odds for milk, dog food, bread and screen-wash.
Do you have a local car accessory shop, explain your work hours dilemma, but surely Kwik-fit stay open til 10 pm (as maybe other exhaust places do)
surely somewhere like Kwik Fit or budget or natioal tyres and exhausts should be able to help, they are generally drive in places.
They will only replace the sections or fit a sleeve (if they have correct diameter)
Get a bandage from a car accessory place. Wet it and wrap it on. Let it dry out thoroughly before driving it about tho.
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