MOT expired

i was stopped by the police and only when they stopped me i realised the MOT had run out the day before. Can you tell me what will happen to me and my licence now as this has never happened to me before???

10:12 Wed 30th Mar 2005
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if you book it in for its m.o.t. you should be ok, as its due to be done.

THFCUK is wrong. There is no grace period and you must renew it before it expires.

Having said that, it's not the crime of the century. Your licence should be unaffected and you'll probably just get a slap on the wrist and maybe a small fine.

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If you have no (curent/in date etc) MOT on your car then it is quite likely that your insurance for that period may be invalid as the vehicle may be classed as unroadworthy (i.e. you are not insured).

If this is the case (check with insurer) and the police may take this course, then you may earn some penalty points for driving a vehicle without valid insurance.

However, since it was a day over due (and depending on the general state of your car) they may be leniant provided you get it tested and passed immediately.

You could be dragged off kicking and screaming to have a mugshot and fingerprints taken, followed by a full body search  and a night in the cells!   Followed by a court appearance next day.  Serious offence you know......the police have to clamp down on this criminal activity before we degenerate into anarchy!!


Don't panic......only joking.

You can only drive your vehicle without a valid MOT certificate if you are taking it to the nearest MOT testing station (I'm an ex MOT tester).

You haven't given details on whether you had to produce your documents at the Police station?  Have the Police commented on anything?

I think Octavius' answer is simply not correct. The offence is an MOT offence, not an insurance offence. The law is there to serve people, not to sit in wait and catch them out. 1 day over MOT? 1 month over MOT? Is the public interest served by doing anything? I was in this situation once, MOT way out of date, and the police angrily told me to go away and not fuss about it.
I think Octavius is wrong, there is a grace period, but you must get a certificate of exemption.  This happened to me earlier this year as there is such a backlog due to civil service strikes

Octavius is correct. The validity of your insurance policy is dependant on having a current MOT. If the police were being particularly pedantic they could charge you for driving without insurance, but this would be unlikely.

The grace period for MOTs is given before they expire. You can get a couple of extra weeks added if you take your nearly expired MOT with you to the test.

Oh, and Kebabmeister's point about driving to a test centre without an MOT is correct, but you must pre-arrange it with them and drive directly there.

I've just found out my MOT is a week out of date as I've need to tax it today... which I now can't do.  Why can't they send out reminders like they do on tax?  Anyway, I wouldn't worry.  Just get it done ASAP.
there MUST be someone with no MOT who drives everywhere and phones and books an MOT with a nearby centre first. There MUST be....:-)
ok ok, it did cross my mind.

In the police eyes the Insurance IS valid, It's ONLY in the Insurance company's view it isn't (hmmm saves paying out on accidents!!)


Your MOT isn't (as we know) and THAT IS ALL the police would be interested in, it may be considered a genuine mistake and thats the end of story.....Even with an MOT valid should you be stopped for, say a balding tyre--you will not automatically be find �1000 you are more likely to receive a VRDN (vehical defect rectifaction notice) where you get the fault fixed in an approved MOT station, they stamp the card and you simply show that at the station--- 

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