unblock a sink?


I have a problem. My bathroom sink is blocked, does anyone know of any home remedies that will/can unblock a sink?

23:13 Sat 07th Oct 2006
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Try holding a cloth or flanel over the overflow then use a plunger on the plug hole. Or if you havent got a plunger then use with another cloth/flanel to swiftly pump up & down to relase the blockage.
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Have done this but the sinks still blocked.
Any other ideas?
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we had this recently and I tried a plunger, a metal coat hanger (opened up), and a long stick, none of which worked, in the end Mr Jules had to undo the U bend and empty the waste into a bucket .
Mr Muscle sink unblocker works a treat. Or any similar supermarket home brand!
soda crystals are very good, they are cheap too(about 50p a packet) you just pour them down and put a kettle full of boiling water down. you can get them from most supermarkets.
I was able to use a pressure washer in the kitchen sink in my last house - put the nozzle down the plughole and wrap an old cloth round it to prevent any splash back and rember to cover the over flow as well and let rip.
vinegar and baking soda works well.
As bathromm sinks tend to get blocked with hair, try hair remover cream.
I alwas use soda and boiling water. it will soon it it clear. Brenda
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Thanks everyone for all your help.

Did try them all.

Unfortunately because the sink was so badly blocked nothing seemed to work so needed something stronger.

I have use Mr Muscle and left it for 2hrs to work which has worked.

Thanks everyone once again.

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