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Tesco Finest Nero D'Avola.

The Nero D'Avola is widely considered to be one of Italy's most important indigenous grapes and Sicily's best selling varietal bar none. It is often compared to Shiraz/Syrahs of the New World, due to its intensity of flavour and peppery characteristics.

The Tesco Finest Nero D'Avola is literally bursting with aromas of blackberry and flavours of black cherry and spice. Full-bodied and rich with sweet tannins, it would be perfect with roasts, stews or a hearty lasagna. Available for the current price of £6.99.

Note to Ed: Sorry it's late.
13:31 Fri 06th Apr 2012
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I have picked up.a Lindemans Bin 65 Chardonnay in Tesco for a mere £5. It will make an excellent accompaniment to the Thai Red Curry we are having this evening.
That's good news, NM. I've always had the feeling that Lindeman's took advantage of Bin 65's popularity, and hiked the price to a ridiculous level. These days, I only buy it if it's on special offer.
Question Author
It is a gorgeous wine, heathfield, and a perfect partner to Asian cuisine or roast chicken. I shall be pouring a glass very shortly.

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