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Always in search of a new grape variety, I was excited to see a limited edition Inycon Grillo 2010 on offer in Tesco. Grillo, a grape variety with which I was hitherto unacquainted, is a bold and expressive grape variety and one which the Incyon makers have used to create a superb white wine, full to the brim with flavours of tropical fruits and satsuma, with a lasting crisp lemony zing. This wine strikes the perfect balance between freshness and richness. Currently half price in Tesco at £4.99. Offer ends 18 March.
10:50 Thu 08th Mar 2012
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Looks good NoM

Not strictly wine, but a reminder that Aldi have their excellent Irish Malt Whiskey "Clontarf" back in stock at £14.99 from today for a limited period.
Question Author
Thanks for that, Dave. I know someone who is moaning that I drank all his whisky... ;0(
Question Author
I'm in search of a couple of good wines for this weekend.

Saturday night I'm doing a goats' cheese starter and probably pork or beef for the main, so I want a hardy red. I'm not keen on French reds, but like most others.

Sunday we have B-I-L and S-I-L round for dinner. Roast chicken et al. S-I-L only drinks Rosé, which I'm not too au fait with.

Any recommendations?
Will have to try that one NoMercy. Tesco have been doing Albali a great white wine from the Valdepenas area of Castile La Mancha £4.00 a bottle
NoM, just curious - have you ever been on any courses relating to wine or are you just an enthusiastic amateur? I love reading your "reviews."

Mrs O
Plonk drinker
Question Author
Albali is very popular in Spain.
Question Author
Thanks, Mrs O. I haven't been on any wine courses or anything like that, but have visited vinyards.

I quite fancy becoming a Master Of Wine and then buying wine for the Big Guns!
That's ambitious, HB.

I don't think even Oz Clarke is a Master of Wine, is he?

You would be NoMercy, MW. That would be jolly.
Question Author
It doesn't take a great deal to become a Master of Wine, Seagull.

Most buyers for Supermarkets these days are.
I went round the Codorniu winery & caves a year or two back - very impressive & some excellent cava to sip afterwards :=)
Question Author
Oooh, that's an idea. The Marques de Monistrol Rosé is on offer in the Co-Op!
Maybe The Ed could sponsor you, HB?
So is the excellent white (see my late post to last weeks thread) ...
Question Author
Will check it out, Dave. Thanks.

JJ... what a fab idea. ;-)
any decent red wine on offer this week?
Question Author
I think last week's WOTW (Miwok Ridge) is still on offer, Mickrog.

I wouldn't mind a hearty Zinfandel if anyone can recommend one.
thanks NM i will give it a try
Just spotted that aldi have a pink on offer

Hardy's Stamp is usually OK :)
Question Author
You won't be disappointed, Mick. Best offer red I've had in a while.

Cheers, Dave. That looks rather yummy actually.

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