Badges Library

Welcome to The AnswerBank's Badges library. Here you can see all the badges which can be earned on The AnswerBank. Badges can be earned by using The AnswerBank to ask and answer questions; some badges are gained by answering a certain number of questions in a category while others might be for being involved in a certain kind of thread.

Below you will find a list of all the badges available on the site and short descriptions of what they're earned for.

100+ Best answers, any Topic

1000+ Best answer, any topic

The member has proven their mad gaming skills by receiving a certain number of best answers in Gaming.

250+ Best answer, any topic

500+ Best answer, any topic

This member has made 100+ posts in honour of the First Church of The AnswerBank.

The member has received more than a certain number of Best Answers in Relationships & Dating.

Posted a question on Friday 13th

This member has a gift for nattering, chatting and staying social on The AnswerBank.

given 100 best answer in total

Asked 20+ questions in Animals & Nature

The member has taken part in a number of long threads in a debate topic (such as News, Society & Culture or Relgion & Spirituality)

20+ questions in science

20+ answers in Business & finance

10+ best answers in Genealogy

10+ questions in "how it works"

99% of posts in Chatterbank

30+ posts in Celeb gossip/soaps

Provided 33% of answers on 10/20/50 "Long Threads" they originated

20+ answers in gardening

20+ answers in DIY

50+ posts in Editor's blog

More than 10/20/50 best answers in Body & Soul (and its sub-topics)

20+ answers in Interiors

The member has received a certain number of Best Answers in the Sports topic

The member has received a certain number of Best Answers in the Law topic

10+ years membership

5+ years membership

Started a question with 1000+ answers

The member has received a certain number of best answers in the Recipes topic

20+ best answers in Football

The member has received a certain number of best answers in Technology and its sub-topics.

This member has prolifically posted new posts in News & Current Affairs.

(Order of the Brown Nose): 15+ best answers marked by AB Editor

20+ posts in birdwatching

20+ questions in Genealogy

This member has had several posts in Quizzes & Puzzles marked as the Best answer.

This member has gained a best answer which was also the first answer on the thread.

30+ answers in Adverts

2+ posts in Christmas outside of December

5+ best answers pregnancy

10+ best answers in parenting

200+ answers in Sport and its subsections without receiving a best answer.

Achieved by achiving both The Motson and any level Michelian star

20+ posts in drinks

30+ answers in Phrases and sayings