Romantic Brits Plan Trips Abroad To Propose

16:36 Mon 24th May 2010 |

Many women find the idea of a proposal at the top of the Eifel tower or on a sunny Barcelona beach the peak of romantic love. And many men agree that they would like to get engaged in a foreign city rather than in the UK. This is all lovely but what if you lose the ring? Travel insurance may be more pragmatic than romantic but it is required.

Romantically inclined Britons are increasingly taking advantage of cheap travel to propose to their partners in places a little more romantic than their local Italian restaurant. All-in-all, the costs of the average proposal trip to a continental city now stands at over £1,100 – and that includes the ring.

Of 4,000 who took part in travel insurance survey, a third said that a Valentines break may well lead to wedding bells. Almost ten per cent said that whatever the time of year, they wanted to be in a romantic European city before they popped the big question.

A quarter of married people aged between 18 and 29 said that they had been engaged abroad, compared to just five per cent of the over 50s.

And while being robbed may not be pleasant during any holiday, while carrying an extremely expensive ring it could be even worse.

"With so many diamond rings being nervously carried in pockets, jewellery can easily be lost, damaged or even stolen. But you can extend your home insurance to cover jewellery…anywhere in the world," said a travel insurance spokesman.

Reasons given for proposing abroad included making the occasion 'extra special' (30 per cent), proposing in a place that had special memories (13 per cent) and somewhere more romantic than the UK (15 per cent).

And if you book multiple-trip travel insurance it may be worth bearing in mind that 100,000 people were rejected and you may need to have a few chances.

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