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Wi-Fi Connection

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patrickstar | 20:21 Sun 14th Mar 2021 | Technology
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I have Sky Broadband in a small home which is a new build. The router is plugged in upstairs (where the main telephone point is for some reason) with nothing around it. The problem I am having is my work laptop keeps struggling with connection though my 'office' is in the spare bedroom, so relatively close.
Today on installing a Ring doorbell, by the front door which is directly below the router, the Ring software shows the RSSI is 74.
Is my router in need of replacement or what else should I try to improve connection?
Just for information, during testing, my download speed averages at 48bpm and uploads at 24bpm. Thank you.


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That's nice and easy to answer then, 'cos all the info you need is on the Sky website:
21:32 Sun 14th Mar 2021
I hope that you've accidentally mis-typed the units in your last paragraph. There's a massive difference between Mbps (megabits per second) and bpm (bits per minute)!

I also assume that there's a minus sign missing in your RSSI figure. (i.e. it's actually -74 dBm). The problem with RSSI figures though is that they're relative to whatever standard the device manufacturer chooses to use. A different device, receiving the same signal, might show a vastly different figure. Even so, -74 dBm doesn't look particularly great. A figure of around, say, -67 dBm would be a lot better.

The first thing I'd try would be changing the channel that the router is using. (Please provide the make and model of your router if you require instructions). There might be local interference on the existing channel (e.g. from a neighbour's router) that's causing your problems.
My son has a booster in his room, which has made a big difference. I don't know if that would help you.
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Correct as always Buenchico regarding Mbps and RSSI-74.
The router is a Sky Q hub.
That's nice and easy to answer then, 'cos all the info you need is on the Sky website:
PS: The Sky Q Hub is meant to constantly seek the best channel - but that doesn't necessarily mean that it actually finds it! If you can select one particular channel, give it a try anyway.
If my wireless was at 48 bpm I'd feel like I was in a chilled jazz club...

That aside


The first thing I'd generally say is to set you laptop wireless adaptor to "prefer" 2.4Ghz, you can do that by right clicking your start button, finding device manager, once that's opened look for "network adaptors"....

Then find your wireless adaptor (it'll say "wireless" in the name)

Right click on it and select "properties"

Click the advanced tab and then find something like "prefered band" in the options.

Set it to "prefer 2.4GHz"

2.4 is slower than 5Ghz but it's way more stable and reliable.

Well hello there, Chuckfickens, long time no see.

Welcome back, Chuck!
Thank you, Jackdaw I come and go :)
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^^^ I've always thought of Chuck as more of a Rocker than a Mod, Brainiac ;-)

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Yep, still a mod...

But lovely as it is to be welcomed back, and... Errr... Called out, I popped back and answered a question as best I could..

So.. Yes, to the OP (I mean they are the important one here, Right?)

5Ghz is great and super fast, if you are within a few meters (and more relevant) a few walls!of your router.... But in the real world, 2.4GHZ just tends to work better.

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Wi-Fi Connection

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