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Sports News Websites

16:37 Mon 24th May 2010 |

Sports News Websites

If you’re on the go or have a spare minute to check the latest sports news at work then the internet is probably your first port of call. Many sports websites can be easily browsed through a mobile phone or other handheld devices, so you can pick up the on the latest goings-on anywhere in the world.

The sports news giants tend to be the ones that offer sport on television, so expect to see the most up-to-date and accurate news stories coming out of the BBC, Sky and ESPN.

Each website offers experts coverage in a number of popular sports, as well as little-known sporting events too. Football news from the BBC and Sky is often regarded as the best around as they offer extensive coverage on player news, fixtures, results and transfer talk.

ESPN is known for it’s coverage of American sports such as the NFL, NHL and NBA and televised poker tournaments.

Sky, BBC and ESPN all have television and radio stations dedicated to sports news, but if you can’t get to TV or have no subscription to those packages, then you can check their websites (and other sports news websites) below:

BBC Sport

The latest news from a number of sports from across the globe can be found here.

Sky Sports News

Sky Sports has the latest news from around the world on its website. You can also tune in through their dedicated sports news channel, available on most digital television packages.


ESPN have unparalleled coverage of a number of American sports, as well as providing regular updates for the sports that we’re all familiar with, like football, rugby and tennis.


Eurosport has all of the latest news from the world of European sports.


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