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No Christianity, No Islam. Would The World Be Better If They Never Existed?

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david small | 09:31 Sat 13th Jan 2024 | Religion & Spirituality
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Andy Hughes, //But my point was, even though the leaders were not acting overtly in the Name of Christianity, they didn't let their professed 'belief' stay their hands when giving the go-ahead for the deaths of innocent people. // Which surely tells you that their Christian beliefs do not influence their decisions.  This country does not go to war in the...
13:23 Sat 13th Jan 2024

Khandro, check the About Us link on the page you linked to, and you'll see it's the page I linked to.

Ellipsis  - Khandro will only respond if it agrees with his thinking, otherwise it will get dismissed, as all contrary views are.

Religion is a symptom. The disease is stupidity. Religion and stupidity are mutually inclusive, each perpetuating the other.

Yes. Humanity would be light years better off without the horrors religion has inflicted upon us.

islam seems to always be at war with itself and none muslims. wahhabism has a lot to answer for, if im correct before it there was a relative kind of peace amongst themselves, thinking sunni shia divide, don't think they killing eachother as much a hundred years ago, but no internet then thus no fast news, perhaps thye have always been fervent with eachother, and to think they had an enlightened period in history then it went dark... as for never existed erm something more heinous might have developed to fill the vacum.

Talking about Britain, Christianity has so permeated the culture it would be difficult to imagine the country without it. Christianity is responsible for everything from trade unions to football clubs. Most education and health care was also provided by churches/christians.

What symbolizes the country more than the village church?

As far as I am aware, only one nation Albania in the 1960's has outlawed all religion. It declared itself an atheist state. That didn't end well, and churches are now florishing in Albania

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No Christianity, No Islam. Would The World Be Better If They Never Existed?

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