Where Does God Get His Morals From?

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nailit | 18:21 Wed 29th Jun 2022 | Religion & Spirituality
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Had a conversation recently with a ''born again'' type
(First conversation with a real life religionist in a while tbh....)

Thankfully only lasted a few minutes (felt like hours...but theres always one)
The usual subject of morals come from.
Atheists have no morals apparently. Or at least no OBJECTIVE morals without God.
I asked whose God?
Allah? Jehovah? Christ? Dionysius? etc.

I then asked where does God (In whatever way you view him/it/her) get THEIR morals from?
Conversation then petered out. (I was late for work anyway so no great loss)
I was in no way provoking an arguement, simply following through a logical discussion with a

If humans need God's guidence to be moral, then where does God get his guidence from?


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We've made god so his morality comes from us. A bigot will believe in a bigoted god and a liberal will project his own liberal views on the god he believes in.
19:06 Fri 01st Jul 2022

He owes his existence, and everything that goes with it, to human imagination.
I would pray for guidance if I were you.
Question Author
If the majority of christians actually read the Bible, they would be appalled at its contents and the actions of its suppossed God.
Question Author
I would take your threats elswhere if I were you.
They dont wash to well here...
Poorclare, six of the Ten Commandments work - but that’s about it. If you don’t mind me asking, are you a former nun?
I read the Bible everyday and have never been appalled.
Perhaps I am blessed with the wisdom to understand and
the faith to believe.

Question Author
//I read the Bible everyday and have never been appalled.
Perhaps I am blessed with the wisdom to understand and
the faith to believe//

I wasnt anticipating this but ....
Poorclare, And the arrogance to imply that others are unwise?
Question Author
The God of the Bible sanctions executions (by stoning to death)....

Men picking up sticks on a Saturday
That's moral is it?

He himself executes people by...
Snake bite
been buried alive

That's moral is it?

If you think that it is then YOU are a degenerate being.
Question Author
Believers telling non believers that THEY need religion to be moral never ceases to amaze me.
You honestly couldnt make this **** up
Question Author
Poorclare has been blessed with blinkers
Question Author
//I read the Bible everyday and have never been appalled//
Read Leviticus.
Read that rubbish and then tell me that you have a moral code.
Sorry Nuilit I was not threatening, I was trying to make light
of things by saying Bless you, SORRY if I offended you.

Hello Naomi24, No I was never Nun, but perhaps you thought
because of the name Poorclare as in the Poor Clare's order.
but I must admit to having a photograph of me dressed as one,
(it was a one of joke between the sisters and I )
and for many year attended Mass in their convent.
Am afraid I cannot see me getting up at 4.30 in the morning to
pray. lol

Thanks very much for answering that question, poorclare. I’ve often wondered how you came by your username.

A question for you to ponder. When the God of the Bible caused people to suffer (eg Abraham, Job) in order to demonstrate their allegiance to him, do you consider that ‘moral’?
Sadly I cannot answer all you questions,
I am happy in my beliefs
Each to their own,

I am not going out of this site, time to say Good night.

Hope you all have a pleasant evening.
There’s no ‘yes’ answer to that one is there, poorclare. Have a good evening.
I meant to say I am now, spelling mistake due to the fact
I am lying on the flat of my back. old age and back problems
which I won't bore you with.
Not to worry about the odd mistake. We all do it. I hope you feel better soon.
Thank you Naomi
2nd shelf, third drawer down.

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Where Does God Get His Morals From?

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