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Who is Proclaiming Good News World Wide?

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goodlife | 14:25 Mon 01st Oct 2012 | Religion & Spirituality
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There seems to be no shortage of end-of-the-world scenarios. Books, movies, and magazines, ranging from the comic to the scientific, portray an assortment of doomsday catastrophes. They include annihilation by nuclear war, asteroid collision, deadly virus, runaway, climate change, or invaders from outer space.

And yet the work that was foretold as part of the composite sign indicating that we are in the last days of this present wicked world.

Jesus described this global work when he enumerated various things that would happen in the time of the end. Included in his prophecy was this meaningful statement: “This good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations; and then the end will come.”—Matt. 24:14.


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There are many prophecies in the Bible that describe perfectly the world today. The problems that have always existed, are now emphasised and are global. They can hardly get bigger!
Global economic meltdown, the imminent fall of Babylon, (the Roman Church / Empire / European Union), and wars centred around Jerusalem etc.
Too much to be mere...
07:14 Fri 05th Oct 2012
Some of the most wicked things in the world are religions including yours, goodlife.

I am much more concerned about the influence religion continues to have than asteroid collisions or invaders from space.

Your "good news" is nothing but a primitive cargo cult.
what work was foretold?
Goodlife, could you do your cutting and pasting a bit more carefully so that the bits join together better?
The reason religions predict doomsday scenarios is to frighten the ignorant huddled masses into compliance.
goodlife, //There seems to be no shortage of end-of-the-world scenarios.//

How true. As you know, your colleagues have invented several in the past - but the world is still here - and none of you have learnt anything from it. You're still trying to scare the naive and the gullible! If anything is wicked, it's that!!
Question Author
Beso@ You don’t know what my religion is or what it stands for .It doesn’t advocate lies or murder.
From what I can see,you ars all wrong and as for the work-this is fore told in matthew 24:14 as God always forewarns what he going to do. So it seems you lot are out of touch with the world and God work.
There is no such thing as a wicked world. There are members of homo sapiens who apply this epithet to others. Meanwhile, the planet follows its course from its creation by being torn from our Sun until the time when it is destroyed as the Sun comes into its final phase as a red giant in a few million years. Meanwhile we, good, bad and indifferent, "strut and fret our hour upon the stage" under the misapprehension that we are the world.
Too right seadogg, I think goodlife would do well to indulge in a little humility.
Thank you for your message goodlife. It is so nice to know that there are people like you who consistently continue to inform us of the passages in the Good Book so that we non-believers can be assured of our rightful choice and stick to the path of reality.
seadogg just a minor point , the Earth will be swallowed up when the Sun becomes a Red Giant but it will be around 2.5 Billion years from now more than a thousand times your estimate. Of course we will be cinderised a billion years or so before that due to the increasing temperature. It is even possible that the Earth will end up actually inside the massively enlarged Sun.
goodlife: I do know about your religion and what it stands for. You have told your story many times here. Your unquestioning adherence to the dogma of the Bible is clearly evident.

You and your religion do advocate murder. You and your kind eagerly anticipate a mass slaughter of 99.998 percent of the people on Earth because they do not fit your scope of worthiness. And like Joshua and his followers you would gladly swing the sword yourself if instructed to by what you think is your God.

The Last Days have been foretold for many centuries. Originally they we supposed to come during the lives of the apostles who have been now dead for nearly 2000 years.

That particular aspect is never acknowledged by the faithful who continue to tell us it is going to happen any day now as things in society get worse. But the fact is they are not getting worse.

Indeed if we take out the religious based conflicts it would be remarkably peaceful place. If there really was a caring god then their first step forward would be to eliminate all religion.
Goodlife -

“... You don’t know what my religion is or what it stands for. It doesn’t advocate lies or murder...”

I think you'll find that most reasonably informed atheists know precisely what your christian based religion stands for. Unfortunately it would seem that many christians (including you) like to claim that their faith says one thing when the reality is somewhat different.

Let's take your above claim that your religion doesn't advocate murder for example. It would appear that you are completely unaware of the many biblical mandates for the killing of nations and of tribal groups and of all their children so that their names will be forever erased from history. There are copious examples of genocide sanctioned by god - the Amalekites are a prime example of this.

The fact that you claim to be very familiar with your religion rather leads me to believe that your assertion that christianity (in whatever form you chose to practise it) does not advocate murder is not only wrong, it is a gross and outrageous lie on your part.
Question Author
beso-God’s true worshipers, today study his Word of truth and understand what their God giving time is, you only know man time. I said before At 2 Peter 3:8 we are told: “One day is with Jehovah as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day.”So 2000 years is two days

//That particular aspect is never acknowledged by the faithful who continue to tell us it is going to happen any day now as things in society get worse. But the fact is they are not getting worse.//

Of course, you say that anyone who believes in God and accepts the Bible as His inspired Word is misguided. In reality, though, the misguided ones are those who stubbornly ignore all the evidence.

//If there really was a caring god then their first step forward would be to eliminate all religion.//

When God destroys this unjust world that is under Satan’s control, He will usher in a glorious new world. It will be controlled by God’s heavenly Kingdom, for which Jesus taught his followers to pray. Wickedness and injustice will be replaced by righteousness and justice, for then the prayer will be answered in the fullest sense: “Let your kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also upon earth.”—Matthew 6:10.

Birdie- Yes,Some of the world’s leading atheists are on a mission: They want to convert you to their way of thinking. But is their reasoning sound?
In view of what some might consider a delay, However, false reasoning will not take root in our minds if we constantly reading of God’s Word is one of the best helps to this end. The Scriptures can strengthen our conviction that Jehovah always acts at the appointed time.—Hab. 2:3.
However, not everyone feels the way you do. In fact, those who truly make the Bible their guide are a minority—only about 0.1 percent of the earth’s population.
Is God to blame for the wrongs committed in the name of religion. For instance, clergymen pray for God’s blessing on the wars of their nations. Yet often, though on opposite sides, the soldiers killing each other belong to the same religion! God could not be to blame for that, because he condemns what they do, saying that those who truly serve him must ‘have love among themselves.’ (John 13:34, 35)
If they do not have this love, then God says that they are “like Cain, who originated with the wicked one and slaughtered his brother.” (1 John 3:10-12) Killing people in the name of God, whether during inquisitions or in wars, is similar to the ancient practice of sacrificing children to false gods, a thing that Almighty God says he ‘had not commanded and that had not come up into his heart.’—Jeremiah 7:31.

Yes, The Amalekites, along with others, were exterminated in order “that people may know that you, whose name is Jehovah, you alone are the Most High over all the earth.”—Ps 83:6-18.Because the Bible accounts only points up this important matter of not forgetting what God has said.

There were many more important things that the children of Israel were not to forget, especially that they were Jehovah’s nation, his inheritance. (Ps. 33:12)
Funny, isn't it, that the Ed feels it necessary to post a topic about behaving and then Goodlife posts his defence of genocide?

Yet if I call him what someone doing that demonstrably is (clue, 4 letters, anagram of a sea-commanding king of Denmark, England, Norway and parts of Sweden), it's me that would be censured.

Funny old world, innit?
LOL ^^^^^
I think the sight of goodlife chiding unbelievers for "stubbornly refusing to believe the evidence in the bible" it was of the more amusing things I have seen on here.

History is littered with examples of the faithful stubbornly resisting and refuting the evidence, preferring the fables of the bible - flat earth believers, geocentric universe believers, creationists. All but the most blinkered and fundamentalist believers have had to relinquish such views as culture, rationality and science have progressed.

For the fundamentalist, it becomes an exercise in self delusion. Science disagrees with the bible, with the evidence showing a 4.5 billion year old earth? No problem - each day of creation now lasts an eternity.This is also why JWs have the prohibition on blood transfusion - a literal interpretation of the bible before anyone could even imagine such a life saving and beneficial procedure.Rather than accept that a literal belief is incorrect, try and undermine or deride the science instead.

And then, we have the final irony of the OP - goodlife chiding others for promoting end of the world scenarios and stories, when a fundamentalist interpretation of the bible means looking forward to the end of the world, judgement day, the rapture, where a small number of the fortunate few, the true believers go and spend an eternity in heaven, whilst everyone else is left to death and destruction...

Those who hold a fundamental and evangelical belief in god, believe in the innerancy of the bible and the literal translation of what is in it - how can you not come to the conclusion that such individuals are deluded and irrational, and potentially harmful to the rest of us?
Goodlife - “... Birdie- Yes,Some of the world’s leading atheists are on a mission: They want to convert you to their way of thinking. But is their reasoning sound?...”

You have begun your response to my above post by suggesting that you and I had been speaking about, 'the world's leading atheists being on a mission'. We were having no such discussion. I never mentioned such a thing and neither did you. It would appear that you are addressing questions that no one has put to you and wording your answers as if they have been.

This is a rather worrying development. You're now apparently making up conversations in your head and posting responses to your own delusions as if they are real-world debates.

That aside, you go on to say, “... Yes, The Amalekites, along with others, were exterminated...” and you then attempt to justify the genocidal extermination of an entire race of people by claiming that it was effectively their own fault for not believing in the 'right' god.

It's such an outrageous statement that it's worth clarifying succinctly –
Goodlife apparently sees nothing wrong in genocide as long as it's religiously sanctioned.

You began this debate by claiming that, “... [my religion] doesn’t advocate lies or murder...”.

You have now stated that the extermination of the Amalekites occurred and was sanctioned by your religion. You have attempted to justify this genocide.

Two points:

1. If your religion doesn't advocate murder, how can you attempt to justify the extermination of the Amalekites on religious or any other grounds?
2. Since you apparently know that your religion has sanctioned the mass murder of a race of people but earlier claimed otherwise, that makes you a liar. You claim that your religion doesn't advocate lies. As a self confessed liar, where does that leave you?
Question Author
The same rule of judgment holds true with you today, which has proved unfaithful to God’s Word, the Bible, for the apostle Paul says: “If we are unfaithful, he remains faithful, for he cannot deny himself.” (2 Tim. 2:13) In other words, God will carry out what he says in his written Word regardless of the fact that the hundreds of millions who claim otherwise to neither live up to the Bible nor uphold the God of the Bible. What you do can never make God false or prove God false.
Most important, the Bible explains that God has been willfully misrepresented and tells how he will settle this.

Birdie- What would do when confronted in this situations —An account involving King David provides insight in this regard. When the Amalekites raided the city of Ziklag, they carried off David’s wives and children as well as those of his men?

Did David rely on his own experience. No, he again went to Jehovah in prayer. This is one example but for you who don’t believe in god can’t see God‘s way of doing things.( 1 Sam. 30:7-9, 18-20)
goodlife //What you do can never make God false or prove God false.
Most important, the Bible explains that God has been willfully misrepresented and tells how he will settle this. //

Yes this is what we keep telling you is wrong with your thinking. You have no capacity to consider a reasoned argument because you are completely bewitched by a book that was written by ancient, ignorant misogynists.

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