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Is The Way We Shop Changing?

19:15 Tue 13th Dec 2011 |
Tis the season for shopping with Christmas around the corner everyone is making plans and preparations. Even though the shops will only be closed for a couple of day’s people across the country are stocking up on festive goodies as if it was the end of the world.
And it is not just the food there is all the presents to buy for friends and family. Are you the type of person who does all their Christmas shopping months before hand and has everything wrapped tagged and bagged by November or are you the last minute, get everything on Christmas Eve type?
Whichever type you are it seems that the way we shop is changing. A huge percentage of purchases are now bought online from sites like eBay and many high street shops have websites where you can browse and buy in peace, from the comfort of your own home. In addition, the popularity of discount and bargain stores, which have sprung up in streets and centres all over the UK, means that many more traditional chains are feeling the pinch.
Shopping online can have its disadvantages as well. If the weather is bad deliveries can be delayed; in last year’s early snow many people were disappointed by missing presents over the holidays. Also if the goods do arrive are they in good condition, are they as described? There are plenty of scam artists out there on the web just racking it in.
Many shoppers like to see what they are going to buy and feel the quality of purchases especially with items like clothes and jewellery. Plus there is a certain atmosphere in the streets when people are Christmas shopping. Somehow even though you are fighting to walk down the road you know that all those other people are doing the same as you are and it gives you a feeling of festive spirit.
So however you do your shopping make sure you have everything you need!!

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