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An Initial Thought Quiz Cd 30/4

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saintstim | 13:59 Mon 04th Mar 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Can anyone help with these three. The answers will be people who are known by initials in their names

14 When he was 17 he got amatching tattoo with his sister nd mother as a tribute to his family 6,5,10 (2) 3

23 Has a passion for telling stories with a sense of nostalgia that pay homage to classic films of the 80's 7,5, (1,1) 6

47 One of the most popular characters in a show that was the subject of a running gag on Friends  5,4(1,1) 6

Thanks for any help



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47 Casey Jean (C.J.) Parker - Baywatch
18:00 Mon 04th Mar 2024

47 Casey Jean (C.J.) Parker - Baywatch

I was also stuck on those three, but also on No. 11. It is said that the only green thing he eats is mint chocolate chip icecream. 6.8.(1.1.)5. 

Any help would be appreciated.


Cornish boy, what have got for Q 26 Drove cars of colour Reseda green each with a personalised number plate ? 4,4, ( 1.1. ) 5.            




John Ross (J.R.) Ewing



J.R. initially drove a green 1978 Mercedes-Benz 280SE, later replaced by a 1979 Reseda Green Mercedes-Benz 450SEL. In 1981, he drove a redesigned W126 380SEL, also in Reseda Green.

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Sorry for the delay. Thank you petland

Thank you, jj109.

23 Jeffrey Jacob (J.J) Abrams

Source - 12 Astonishing facts about J J Abrams

any luck with Q14?

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An Initial Thought Quiz Cd 30/4

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