Relaxed - Empty Toy 8 Letters

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meregirl | 17:16 Mon 24th Jan 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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relaxed - empty toy

8 letters


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Casulty? Casual + t(o)y
17:25 Mon 24th Jan 2022
Whats the theme, do you know what your looking for

Casual + t(o)y
Sorry pressed to quickly, meant to add "typo from Mamya" I think
OK , look's good - I guess the theme is a TV programme
No idea Bobb, that's why I added a'?'

I pressed too quickly too Margo and missed my own typo.
Brilliant answer, I would never have got that
Ta, hope Meregirl let's us know if it fits the theme.
Question Author
Thank you every one, Casualty sounds absolutely right, they are TV programme answers.
Glad it works then, good luck with the puzzle.

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Relaxed - Empty Toy 8 Letters

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