On Top Of Albert's Stick 6,4,6

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tuppence57 | 09:42 Mon 22nd Nov 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I have an old quiz from lions and I am stuck on some questions.
all the answers is anything vaguely to do with horses.

Lost nail? (8)
Also a racquet event (9)
on the top of albert's stick (6,4,6)
is it all about coats? (5)
the ox-eye daisy (5,5)
a Species of Monarda (9)
an obliging worker? (5,5)
a stable in the dales? (10)
breaking crest of waves (5,6)
WW11 amercian plane (7)
An army regiment (9,7)
one cereal? (Mythical) (7)
early automobile (9,8)

if anyone can help me with any of these, I would be most grateful


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3.Horses head handle
09:51 Mon 22nd Nov 2021
1 stallion
9 white horses
9 white horses
12 Unicorn
Last one:- Horseless carriage
An army regiment
Household Cavalry
6 Horsemint
5.Horse daisy
9.White horses
2 badminton
5 Horse daisy
3.Horses head handle
10. Mustang
4 ascot
4.Ascot - anagram of coats.

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On Top Of Albert's Stick 6,4,6

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