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Fao - The Km Players

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seekeerz | 00:14 Sat 20th Oct 2018 | Quizzes & Puzzles
14 Answers
Here are today's shaded clues for you -

39a Equestrienne who won Badminton Horse Trials in 1992 and 2000. and represented Great Britain at six Olympic Games between 1992 and 2012 [4]

42a Lady Jane ----, queen for nine days [4]

60a Heat and ----, Ruth Prawer Jhabvala novel dramatised James Ivory [4]

1d Word linking pencil, suit and vanity [4]



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King Grey Dust Case
00:16 Sat 20th Oct 2018



Question Author
morning mamya .....2 seconds !! Wow !!
39a taught to ride by my wife's grandmother!
Well done, Mamya.
Delete that !
Rushed the answer without properly reading the clue - saw the 6x reference and thought assumed Badminton wins.
Silly me, shouldn't stay up after my official bedtime!
Night night.
Question Author
small world, small world !! morning Strix and tony :))
Question Author
never mind, Strix .....who was taught by your wife's grandmother ??
G'night Strix.

Hiya Steff, hows things down under.
Seekeerz... morning mamya .....2 seconds !! Wow !!

That really is fast....................... I want some of her meds.
Thank you - 2 minutes really x
While we are thinking about it Mamya has already answered.
I didn't know any... I'm actually thinking of the matches, and think I may have to change some of them before later today ;-)
Skz, Amongst probably thousands of others, Lucinda Green (née Prior-Palmer) from her first lesson through to her victory years.
After Mrs Strix was born in Darwin NT, my m-in-l was considering names and received a letter from her mother saying she was teaching a delightful little girl called Lucinda P-P hence Mrs Strix first name!
Question Author
Two lovely ladies both with the same lovely name Mrs Strix continues to be well xx

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Fao - The Km Players

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