Daily Mail £125,000 Crossword 3.8.2018

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sweetwoman23 | 11:58 Fri 03rd Aug 2018 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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The clues I can't solve are ;

Tries some food (6)

4.deception or trick (4)

1 down; the conservatives (6)
Thanks for any help


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The castle is Arundel
11:59 Fri 03rd Aug 2018
The castle is Arundel
Scam; Ruse... (any letters placed?)
1 Tories
^^Oh, ok
4a Ruse
Does the £125,000 Treasure Hunt involve solving some crossword clues then to help find the Castle?
I think each day has been different FF - some back to front replying up there.
Different type of puzzle every day FF, today's was a mini crossword.
Thanks. And the completed grid leads to the solution Arundel?
Letters in grey squares spell out Arundel

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Daily Mail £125,000 Crossword 3.8.2018

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