Maths Test (Missing Numbers)

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scrambler | 14:17 Thu 28th Apr 2016 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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maths test for 10 year old

Where ( ) is a missing number

( ) 4
7 ( )

Answer: 5( ) 0

Find the missing numbers in the factors and how can you find them without great number of trials?



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2 x 4 x 7 x 1 x 10 = 560.
15:11 Thu 28th Apr 2016
Are there just one missing figure in each number so you need a solution for 7? x ?4 = 5?0.
2 x 4 x 7 x 1 x 10 = 560.
Unsure that the sum is clear. Especially if it involves a 10 year old.

04*79=316 so that's too low.
14*70 = 980 so that's too large.

So there must be a different interpretation to the one I have as it doesn't seem possible.
If the ( ) 4 and the 7 ( ) are both two figure numbers, and the answer ends in zero, the second blank must be 5. There's no way of getting 5 ( )0 if that is a three figure number. There is a solution however if 5 ( )0 is a four figure number, and that should be too difficult to find. Good luck.
Sorry. 'shouldn't be too difficult''
I get (7)4 X 7(5) = 5(55)0 So 74X75=5550 Your 3 numbers are 7,5,&55
As Tommo pointed out to get a zero for the answer you have to have a 5 in the second number ie 5x4 = 20. No other number multiplied by 4 will result in a zero. Now if you multiply 75 by the first number and call it 14 you get 1050, so the answer must have 4 digits at least.
Something wrong here. If ( ) equals a missing factor then given two factors, 4 and 7, whose product is 28 then the missing factors must amount to 20 as no other solution is possible
Jackdaw the first number has a 4 as the second digit. The second number must then have a 5 as it's second number giving us 75 for the second number that is missing the second digit. So ( )4 X 7(5)
Looks like 74 x 75 to me too.
Maybe the questions has got misheard in translation and it should ask for numbers in the brackets rather than in the factors (as I don't know what could be meant by "numbers in the factors")

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Maths Test (Missing Numbers)

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