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dynamicduo | 22:41 Sun 23rd Aug 2015 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Our 'It's about time' quiz has now ended. For results and answers please go to our website after midnight on August 23rd 2015)

We were very disappointed by the number of people asking for answers (often many at a time)- and equally disappointed by those giving away the answers.
By all means ask for hints and, by all means give hints. However just posting a list of answers spoils it for others and defeats the object of a fun quiz. The value of our prizes is hardly 'life changing' so please accept our quizzes as a challenge and try to achieve on your own merits. We are sorry if this offends some people but, we believe that the majority of quizzers will agree with us. Meanwhile, please do continue to support the work that we do in helping disadvantaged children


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Nice to see a quiz setter complain about people asking for lots of answers. The people who give all the answers are just as bad. I counted 25 questions being asked by one person.
11:01 Mon 24th Aug 2015
Well said!
Nice to see a quiz setter complain about people asking for lots of answers. The people who give all the answers are just as bad. I counted 25 questions being asked by one person.

Thanks for yet another great head scratching quiz,yes a shame when it gets hammered like that.

Well done the winner too!!
Well said indee.
Well said indeed.
Anybody else having a problem opening the answer page? I'm getting just a sheet of script.

...."and equally disappointed by those giving away the answers"

DDuo - If we haven't heard of/got a copy of the quiz, then we will not know that the setter has asked for 'no asking' until pointed out to us. I for one then don't answer if I've seen the message.
I agree that the askers don't know the full details Captain,I often try to advertise a quiz when I can in those situations.
Understand where you are coming from mamya, but if you see a title of 'Time' you're not then going to search the site for any comments which may have been made over a period of time which may stretch to say two months. (in this case I'd no idea that 'Time' was a quiz entitled 'It's about Time' from Children of Fiji).

Anyway as I said, if somebody posts a 'no asking' comment and I see it, then I no longer answer).
I think we should all veto any poster who asks for more than......3...4....5...6? quiz questions one a post.

Some 'askers' post as many as 20 questions and they are blithely answered. We need to be more discerning, I think.
I'm agreeing with you Captain , the people who kindly answer don't know- though having said that I have sometimes posted the details and the long closing date (on occasion) and people still answer.

That is of course their right to do so, I hate argy bargy.
Tilly someone asked 25 on this quiz.

I suggested to Ab editor that title and closing date of a quiz should be given.
I have never had the courtesy of an answer. What did I expect?
That sounds like a god idea to me, Chorley. It's a pity you haven't received an answer.
That's a very good point, and I myself promise never to answer someone's quiz question ever again. They can (and should) do it for themselves. But what about the hundreds of other people who sit hunched over their computer keyboard all day, just waiting to zap in the answers before anyone else can get there?
I have reformed, but who else will?
So Mrchirpy you are saying this 'answerbank' site should be made redundant or illegal so that people cannot seek help.
As we've said, if we know that the setter has specifically asked for no use of sites like this, then most of us will go along with it (me included).

(If your comments where meant to be tongue-in-cheek then sorry but they passed me by)
Hi all,
we understand it can be frustrating for charity quiz setters when puzzles answers are sometimes given away online.

However, it's impossible for us to stop people asking questions for charity quizzes, and it's not fair to scold the people answering the questions when they're not aware it is for a charity quiz.

The AnswerBank is a questions and answers site, and we don't want to deter people from doing exactly what the website is designed for. As such we do not remove any questions, and we do remove posts in which one user tells off another for asking a question.

As for displaying the title and closing date of a quiz, this would be very helpful for users to decide whether or not they want to answer a question. We'll put something in the Editors Blog asking people to do this for charity quizzes in future, and add a note to the quizzes and puzzles roundup too.
Does that mean though that at last we are allowed to add the closing date to quizzes if we know it as in the past you remove it when some people add it but not when others do and that in itself is unfair
We can't blame people for answering questions when they are unaware of closing dates and no asking requests by setters.
It should be up to the asker to put a note of these before their question (but they sometimes "forget" - odd that!)
Perhaps if the answerers stop for a second and wonder why these have been omitted, the amount of serial asking may (?) stop.
Steaming in to answer a whole raft of questions in one post doesn't really help anybody - especially the quizsetters.

smouse - When we talk about giving closing dates, we just mean for the original poster to put the date in the question title so that others can see what it is before they click on the question. If we feel that a user is complaining about someone asking a question too early, that post will be removed because we don't want users to feel like they can't ask questions. A friendly "here's the closing date" will be fine if the original poster hasn't mentioned it already.
Thats all I want to be able to do so that's progress
Surely we can say these questions are from the ...... quiz which closes on .....

Then. who knows. charities may gain as those who answer might think there is time for them to buy it and enter themselves

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