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Hammond Property Services Annual's Now Available.... £1527 Raised Last Year!!!

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chairmanhh | 12:22 Mon 27th Oct 2014 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Hammond Property Services's Now Available....

The easiest ? (!) Quiz you will ever do

"Television QUIZ for 2014"

I thought that you may wish to enter our latest ‘brain buster’ to tax those grey matter cells!!! As with our previous Quizzes, all of the answers are on the last page!, ……… just need to be able to work out how the ‘clever’ clues can give you the answer of a Television Programme - both past and present .

The Quiz is set to last throughout the winter months and over the Christmas period. It will be ideal to bring out with family and friends once all the Turkey has been eaten and the conversation is ‘running dry’! Many entries received last year were from those who took the Quiz with them on holidays over Half Term and New Year! - hence numerous entries from all over England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Isle of Man, Eire, 5 from the States, France, Germany, The USA, New Zealand, Turkey, Cyprus & Patagonia!!!!

If you wish to enter the Quiz, simply visit our website, click on the Quiz Link and then print off the 4 pdf pages you will need (which include the answers - just not in the correct order!)

If you require an original copy, email me at the address below – or you can print off more copies from our Website. All entries on sheets printed from our Website are valid......…..and it is still free to enter!

However, (if you have really enjoyed it!) those wishing to make donation of £1 or £2 to the Nottingham Branch of ChildLine may do so using the small box on the last page of the Quiz.

Although ChildLine is a national organisation, each branch operates on a regional basis, so any local support they receive is invaluable. The ChildLine counselling centre in Nottingham provides a unique and confidential service to scared and vulnerable callers in East Midlands and East Anglia, making it a truly local charity to support.
To date ChildLine has helped nearly two million children, saved children’s lives, brought abusers to justice and found refuge for children in danger on the streets.

However, ChildLine has never had the resources to answer every call. At present approx. 4,500 children a day call for help, but due to a lack of funds it's only possible to answer around 2,500 of these, meaning that 2000 children a day continue to suffer alone in silence.


just to give you a helping hand with the Quiz. ……

Roman Numerals: 1 = I 5 = V 10 = X 50 = L
100 = C 500 = D
1000 = M

AND... a final helping hand.....

Try and find a list of Chemical Symbols / Abbreviations!

Best of luck with your entry – I hope it keeps you busy AND entertained!

Kind regards


Jonathan Hammond
Hammond Property Services

[email protected]

11 Market Place
NG13 8AR


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Tommo33, scroll down to see the other pages.
14:37 Mon 27th Oct 2014
I've been to the website and clicked on download but not much happens. I just get a poster.
That's the front page Tommo,there are 4 pages including that one.
I hope everyone sends a donation for this excellent quiz
Tommo33, scroll down to see the other pages.

Thanks for all your help. I had tried scrolling down, but got nothing else. However, there was a symbol at the top indicating 'print', and I've succeeded in printing off the four pages. Looks interesting. So, thanks again.The Rainbow Charity quizzes are a hard act to folllow.

Stuck on a few
23 Dad brother or uncle
32 First of all tell Hammond each clue unexpectedly becomes easier
45 In short one thousand one hundred South African cents after Christ was born
53 Lions ate oddly
68 O to stop being in
-- answer removed --
Last 5 to do
Oh please don't spoil it by asking,just keep at it.
As Mamya says, keep at it. If you've only got five to do, you must have five remaining clues and five answers. If you've succeeded in doing all the others unaided, these shouldn't be too difficult. In fact, if you've done all the others, I'm surprised that you're even asking about some of these.
Question Author
erm - you do have until the New Year to try and work out the last 5 - try and do them without giving everyone many of the answers - otherwise you do take away some of the fun - it would be a shame if everyone completed it all within 4 days of the launch - especially when it takes 3 months to put the thing together each year - thanks
I look forward to this quiz each year, it's the sort that is quietly compelling. I've never won yet, though, but that doesn't matter. I do hope people won't spoil it by asking for answers (yes I know all the arguments, but it is to raise money for charity and a lot of people won't do it if too many questions are answered).
Well said, chairmanhh, or perhaps you're Jonathan. I've just come across this quiz. Had some difficulty in accessing it from your website, but am now dishing out copies in various directions. I hope you'll be well rewarded for your hard work. You don't seem to allow for Gift Aid. Is that an oversight, or is it not eligible?
I don't think Gift Aid can be applied to donations collected from multiple people in this way - if the quiz was a purchase first then I think you could.
I got 23, 32 and 52 straightaway, redtrev, and I think I have 68, so I'm sure you'll work them out before the closing date.
Will keep at I'm sure I'll get there in the end not trying to spoil it for anybody and I hope it raises more money than last year
Mamya (hope it's OK to call you that.) You're likely to have sent entries in for Rainbow Charity quizzes, and the forms for those quizzes can be downloaded, and have a section relating to Gift Aid. The Gift Aid relates to any additional donation, and excludes the £1 cost of the quiz. In this instance, as there is no charge for the quiz, perhaps the whole lot is a donation, and eligible. I hate giving money to charities without their benefitting from the tax recovery, so I'll be interested to see what reply I get from the organisers.
I agree there Tommo - with Rainbow they are individual donations, with this HH collects all the money in and sends it off.

I probably have the rules re Gift Aid all wrong but that is how I thought it worked.

Sorry to have muddied the waters.

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Hammond Property Services Annual's Now Available.... £1527 Raised Last Year!!!

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