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Quizzes And Puzzles Round Up January

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AB Editor | 13:29 Wed 02nd Jan 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Dear All,

Happy New Year everyone, we hope you enjoyed 2012's quizzes.

Here is the January edition of Quizzes and Puzzles round up. If you have a new charity quiz feel free to add it to the thread and we will include it in later editions.

Please remember to add contact details ie email or postal address, the cost, where the quiz funds will be going, the theme of the quiz and a closing date, thanks.

Please could you post use one quiz per answer to avoid confusion, thank you.


1. New Quiz various topics, in aid of new kitchen for church hall. closing date 6th January 2013.

2. AU TU MN Quiz 60 Seasonal questions, in aid of Manselton Childminding Playgroup, closing date 7th January 2013.

3. Family Christmas Quiz in aid of Friends Of Blessed Sacrament School (Preston)(Charity No. XT26395), closing date 7th January 2013.

4. Winter Quiz Seasonal questions, 5 sections of 10 questions in aid of HIGHAM FERRERS SAVE THE CHILDREN, closing date 10th January 2013.

5. New QUIZ 100 general knowledge questions, in aid of Long Eaton Rotary Club, closing date 10th January 2013.

6. Things that go together Quiz in aid of Childline, closing date 12th January 2013.

7. "P" People Quiz answers are surmanes of people beginning with P, in aid of Lincoln Cat Care (Charity No. 1114359), closing date 14th January 2013. Correction here.

8. Numbers Quiz in aid of Thera Trust (charity number 1090163), closing date 21st January 2013.

9. Brand Names quiz 100 cryptic clues, to raise funds for SMILE, closing date 25th January 2013.

10. Games & Sports quiz 75 cryptic clues, to raise funds for a maternity unit in Sierra Leone, closing date 25th January 2013.

11. Winter quiz in aid of Dean Gibson School, Kendal, closing date 26th January 2013.

12. New quiz in aid of TORNADOES SWIMMING CLUB, closing date 26th January 2013.

13. Great British Cities quiz 40 clues in aid of St. Guthlac's Ladies' Guild, closing date 26th January 2013.

14. Numbers Quiz in aid of Devon Air Ambulance, closing date 26th January 2013.

15. Cat Flap QUIZ 60 questions with a connection to cats, in aid of Cats Protection (Moray Branch), closing date 26th January 2013.

16. New QUIZ the theme is musicals of stage and screen, in aid of RAP Foundation, closing date 26th January 2013.

17. A floral tribute quiz 70 questions on the theme of flowers, in aid of New Children of Fiji, closing date 27th January 2013.

18. New quiz on Christmas trivia, movies, music and pictures, in aid of Stepping Stones Playgroup (Registered Charity #517073), closing date 28th January 2013.

19. Towns & Cities QUIZ in aid of RSPB Conwy, closing date 30th January 2013.

20. It's Raining (cats and dogs) quiz 100 cryptic questions, in aid of Kirkcaldy Art Club (Registered Scottish Charity number SCO 37822, closing date 31st January 2013.


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Thank you Ed
17:08 Thu 03rd Jan 2013
Question Author
And here are the rest...

21. Picture quiz 100 questions to name the programme, in aid of whittlesey christmas lights, closing date 31st January 2013.

22. God Bless America quiz in aid of Camps Hill Stars Cheerleaders, closing date 31st January 2013.

23. 20th Century Births quiz in aid of St Peters Church, Friesthorpe, closing date 31st January 2013.

24. New QUIZ 4 section quiz - cartoon characters, missing vowels, oscar winning songs and TV firsts, in aid of Ellesmere College, closing date 31st January 2013.

25. "What is Santa bringing you?" QUIZ in aid of 6th Chatteris Brownies, closing date 31st January 2013.

26. The PINK QUIZ 2012 in aid of Breast Cancer Research at Lincoln Hospital, closing date 31st January 2013.

27. Christmas Story QUIZ in aid of St Edmund's Church Carlisle in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support, closing date 31st January 2013.

28. New quiz 130 questions in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support, closing date 1st February 2013.

29. New quiz all answers contain'GH' in them, in aid of Friockheim Bowling Club, closing date 2nd February 2013.

30. Big QUIZ 6 100 general knowledge questions, in aid of St Mary's Church, Blackpool Hall Fund, closing date 4th February 2013.

31. New QUIZ for SANDS, closing date 14th February 2013.

32. The BCDF QUIZ cryptic clues to Butterflies, cats, dogs and fungi, in aid of MATLOCK TOWN FOOTBALL CLUB SUPPORTERS AUXILIARY ASSOCIATION, closing date 28th February 2013.

33. Change a Letter QUIZ in aid of Sherburn Village Show, closing date 1st March 2013.

34. Songs Britannia Quiz clues to 90 songs, in aid of Billericay Lions, closing date 4th March 2013.

35. Christmas Link Quiz 100 questions with a festive link, in aid of MAGPAS, closing date 10th March 2013. If you want the quiz by email click here.

36. New Quiz 26 questions - Occupations that are also Surnames, for St Columba's Church Fundraising, closing date 16th March 2013.

37. Disney Delights QUIZ 37 questions, in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, closing date 21st March 2013.

38. Creatures Great & Small QUIZ 50 varied questions, in aid of RADCLIFFE ANIMAL SHELTER (reg. charity 503759), closing date 31st March 2013.

39. New Quiz Who am I? picture quiz in aid of Cystic Fibrosis Trust, closing date 1st April 2013.

40. TV Programs Quiz 48 questions, in aid of Macmillan Cancer Supports Nepal Himalayan Hiking Challange Trek 2012, closing date 31st May 2013.

granny grump
Good evening - I paid a donation on the following site for the quiz by email - but so far I haven't received a copy - is there a delay?

oops I omitted the link

New charity quiz for a great cause. Please visit :
Question Author
granny grump

I think you will need to contact them directly as we do not send the quizzes just the links to them.

There is a contact us link at the bottom of the page.


**New Quiz for 2013** In aid of St James' Church Spilsby
The subject is threesomes - find the link word e.g. baby, wolf, off [3 letters, answer cry - cry baby, cry wolf, cry off]. One hundred questions.
Price is £2 per sheet. Please send a S.A.E. with cheque made out to St James' Church for £2 [if sending coins please make sure they are adequately protected] to:
Maria Lear, Cartref, Eastville Road, Toynton St Peter, Spilsby, Lincs PE23 5AT.
*Last date for entries: 30 April 2013*
Thank you Ed
Winner & Answers to the recent St. Mary's Church, Stamford Picture Quiz:
Chatteris Community Group

Many thanks to everyone who entered our Winter Quiz which raised £151 for our funds. 121 sheets were returned of which 64 were all correct. Winner drawn was Mrs. M Akister of Grange-over-sands. New quiz on "Sewing" out now from J. Oakey, 58 Westbourne Road, Chatteris, Cambs, PE16 6GHQ. Price £1, cheques payable to Chatteris Community Group plus sae. Closing date 31 March. All support welcomed.
14:48 Mon 07th Jan 2013

Pros and Cons Quiz in aid of Parkinsons UK (Kendal Branch) All answers contain the letters pro or con.Closing date March 15th 2013.Please send SAE and £1 (cheques payable to Parkinsons UK please) to Mrs E Airey 5 Finley Drive Kendal LA9 6DN or by email [email protected] and pay with entry.
If anybody fancies having a go at the 'A to Z of Britsh TV programmes with one word names' round from tonight's Macmaillan Cancer fundraising quiz at The Lord Nelson in Oakham, you can download it from here:

If you enjoy it, please consider making a donation to Macmillan Cancer Support here:
HIGHAM FERRERS SAVE THE CHILDREN QUIZ. Please send SAE with a CHEQUE for £1 minimum donation to SUSAN PERKINS SUNRISE DUCHY CLOSE HIGHAM FERRERS NN10 8BZ. 50 questions in 5 sections: Fruity answers, Places in England, Proverbs, Heavy words, Last letter first of next answer. Closing Date May 10th. Thank you.
Occupations Quiz in aid of St Erth Twinning Association.
Closing date 30th April 2013.
First prize £20 Marks and Spencer voucher plus £5 voucher for selected random entry.
Donation £1. Cheque payable to "St Erth Twinning Association" and available from:
Twinning Quiz
c/o 4 Trelissick Fields
TR27 6HZ
Radcliffe On Trent Animal Shelter

Although a franchise of the RSPCA, we receive no funding or monetary help from them whatsoever, having to raise our own income. Please help out by supporitng our Creatures Great and Small quiz. It consists of 30 general knowledge questions about animals, then 20 pictures to identify. The quiz costs just £1, and can be obtained either by emailing [email protected] or sending a SAE and £1 to J. Gibbons, 53 Byron Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham. £10 prize for winner (or drawn from hat if more than one).
14:36 Tue 15th Jan 2013
"R People" Quiz for Lincoln Cat Care.

Thanks to everyone who bought a copy of our "P People" Quiz, which closed on Monday, 14th January, 2013. There were 91 entries returned, of which 41 were all-correct. The winner, drawn at random, was Mrs. Elaine Evangelista of Bideford, Devon, and the £5 draw was won by Mrs. P. Utting of Sleaford, Lincs. The quiz raised approximately £140 for Lincoln Cat Care.

The new "R People" Quiz is now available at £1 per copy + s.a.e., from:

Jenny Hadingham,
2 Chapel Court,
Silver Street,
Market Rasen,
LN8 5PJ.

Also by email (pay on return) from: [email protected]

Closing date: Monday, 15th April, 2013.

PLEASE NOTE: Question 33 should read - Winner of gold medals in five consecutive Olympic Games and BBC Sports Personality of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award 2011.


WIN TER quiz.

This quiz is in aid of the Romanian Aid Foundation. ( Closing date – 19th March, 2013. Mixture of 60 questions - 30 answers containing the letters WIN or TER and 30 questions on films and songs with the name of a country in the title. The quiz costs £1 (cheques payable to C.Giffard). 1st prize £10, runner up £5 and prize of £5 drawn from all entries regardless of score.
If anyone would like a copy emailed to them, I am willing to do that and you can pay on return - [email protected]
Thank you to everyone who took part in the AUT UMN quiz. The winners were: 1st prize – Mrs J Morris of Dereham. Runner up prize Mrs J Clare of Welshpool and prize from all entries – David Balfour of Angus.
Lizzes Quizzes (8) in support of Macmillan available now.
80 questions, mix of anagrams, gen know & cryptic clues.
4 cash prizes to be won after closing date 23rd March 2013.
For your copy please send £1 + sae to:
Liz Hardy
27 Whitecross,
St Ives
PE27 6DR

(Cheques payable to Macmillan Cancer Support please)

Thank you
Dave's Logo quiz, raising money for LOROS hospice, Leicester. 60 logos to identify, £1 per sheet. E mail [email protected], or SAE to Mrs S Eastman,48, Rosemead Drive, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 5SF.closing date April 30th. 1 prize of £10
Buxton Mountain Rescue Quiz 5.
New Quiz in aid of Buxton Mountain Rescue Team now available.
60 questions Cryptic/General Knowledge/Anagrams of place names in British Isles containing a tree/bush species. Closing date: 29th June, 2013.

1st Prize: £10 / 2nd Prize £5 randomly picked from all returned sheets.

£1 plus sae to Mrs G Halliday,
'Lorien', Main Road,
Lincolnshire, PE22 8AG.

Cheques payable to Buxton Mountain Rescue Team. Also again available by email via Paypal using following link. £1.40p if using this method to cover PayPal charges. If link does not open, copy & paste into web browser.

Email [email protected] should there be any queries.
Thank you for your ongoing support.
New Quiz - raising funds to send a young person on a World Challenge to Nicaragua where they will be involved in a Community Project helping local people - 100 questions on general knowledge, film and television, wordplay, ditloids and guess the band. Please send £1 per quiz plus SAE to J O'Dell, 16 Middle Road, Berkhamsted, Herts, HP4 3EQ. Cheques payable to J O'Dell. Closing date 1st March 2013 - thank you very much.

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