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Guardian Prize Crossword 29,410

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parlefrancais | 15:45 Sat 15th Jun 2024 | Crosswords
3 Answers

Last two! 4down "Dr. Livingstone finally getting leg over in Berkshire residence?" (6)


1down "Where to find drugs in Exeter ... for a price?" (4) 





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4d Pigpen (Berkshire; breed of pig) - 'GP (Livingston)e' (in) 'pin' (leg)1d Odds - 'ExEtEr' (odds are 'e[cstasy]')
15:47 Sat 15th Jun 2024

4d Pigpen (Berkshire; breed of pig) - 'GP (Livingston)e' (in) 'pin' (leg)
1d Odds - 'ExEtEr' (odds are 'e[cstasy]')

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Thank you so much!

You're welcome 🙂

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Guardian Prize Crossword 29,410

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