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Azed 2712

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JJ109 | 12:51 Sun 09th Jun 2024 | Crosswords
8 Answers

Last 3 I hope!

33a The old mount special area, heart turning over (4)


9a Clan group turned up behind Scots manor? (4)


4d Old animal's bolthole, opening for escape in frenzy (5) M?SE?

The 4th letter of 9a is the second letter of 4d

Many thanks



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4d mus e t9a hapu?
12:57 Sun 09th Jun 2024

33 Stie, mount - from Site, with the middle moving/swapping.

4d mus e t

9a hapu?

Yes, Roslyn, I'd just checked Hapu in Chambers - it seems fine.

Question Author
Question Author

Many thanks also NAC!

I actually thought of Hapu - but when it wasn't in the dictionary, I went no further!

Thanks both!


22d Occupant of part of Asia minor close to island in it (6) 


Question Author

Ionist (occupant of Ionia/Aegean islands etc) = "IT" surrounding- on(close to) is(land)

Thank you JJ109

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