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Bernie | 09:00 Sun 26th May 2024 | Crosswords
14 Answers

3a. Close co-operation involved in passing on emotion(4-2-5)m??d- ??-??o??

9a That is so last year - the Mafia boss has died(6,2) p????d ??

21a. Down down when you do this(5)??u??

22d.Around Offaly Fr Crilly acted flirtatiously(5)

Many thanks 




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3d is hanky. in clue.
09:34 Sun 26th May 2024

9  passed on (passe don)

3   Hand in glove?

22 Coyly?

21 Touch?

22 coyly?

21 slump?

I thought 21 might be fluff.

That's better, Radagast

Question Author

Coyly looks good.

3d. You may wish to keep it in your pocket in Monaghan, Kylie(5) I put in Money??  Maybe Handy is better and would give ne the "H' for 3a. It is the mention of Kylie in the clue confuses me.

Thank you all


1d Relaxing space in which to lure a man on his wedding day? (7,4) I put in Drawing room

Instead of coyly I think now that 'Toyed' is better. Fr Ted Crilly

So i now have m?u?t for 21a.

I hope I haven't confused you furger

21 moult

3d is hanky. in clue.

Draw in groom is good

Question Author

Thank you all.


3a: Hand in Glove

9a: Passed on

22d: Toyed

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