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Agriword 1262

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Trayc5 | 19:27 Thu 16th May 2024 | Crosswords
7 Answers

8d,Dance with a bird? Tango? T-R-E-, T-O-?

17a, At which to showcase a former post office?(4)E--O.

16d,Acorn jam is put out for some stars(6,5)-A-I-M,AJAR?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.






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Canis major,(5,5)?
19:34 Thu 16th May 2024

16 Cannis Major?

17 expo

Canis major,(5,5)?

8d turkey trot

8 Turkey trot

Yes must be 5,5

Question Author

Thank you all for your rapid responses .Yes 16d, was 5,5 .My mistake .

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Agriword 1262

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