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professorplum13 | 13:36 Fri 10th May 2024 | Crosswords
3 Answers

15d  Head avatar one’s missing badly in oriental form of religion (9) T?E?A

10a Pope’s kind of Latin verse (7) L?O?I?E

leonine? as in pope leo the 9th??



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15d Theravada - anag 'head (a)vatar' ('a'; one, missing)10a Yes - Leonine - "Leo IX"
13:39 Fri 10th May 2024

15d Theravada - anag 'head (a)vatar' ('a'; one, missing)
10a Yes - Leonine - "Leo IX"

Question Author

Thank you... sorry i only gave T?E?A instead of T?E?A?A?A

You're welcome 😊

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Tls 1526

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