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Tls 1521, Last One Help Please

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quinol | 14:56 Thu 04th Apr 2024 | Crosswords
3 Answers

24a: a murdoch publication's agent in northern ireland, not in scotland: n-n-

Is it nine, and why, please



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Nina - 'N(orthern) I(reland) na (Scot. "not")' 1, last line.
14:59 Thu 04th Apr 2024

Nina - 'N(orthern) I(reland) na (Scot. "not")'

Para 1, last line.

Question Author

Many thanks lie-in-king, I had the wrong murdoch, read them all once, don't feel tempted to go back

You're welcome 😊

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Tls 1521, Last One Help Please

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