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lashley | 19:09 Wed 03rd Apr 2024 | Crosswords
9 Answers

still stuck-last few

21a palaver from teacher,ultimately correct 6 ????I?

24a a murdoch publication's agent in northern ireland,not in scotland 4 ??N?

16d writer gillian's work about new hairstyle 7 T?N?A?L tunstall?

17d stop caring about using banned mushrooms 7 O?T???W outgrow?

19d page in shakespeare has sack here 5 R???? mistress?

parsing please



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21a Rabbit - 'rabbi' + '(correc)t' (ultimately)24a Nina - 'N(orthern) I(reland) na (Scot. "not")'16d Tindall - 'till' (work, about) 'n(ew) d(uck's) a(rse) (hairstyle)'17d Yes - 'out' (banned) + 'grow' (mushroom)19d Rob-in 
19:13 Wed 03rd Apr 2024

21 rabbi (correc)t

24 Nina - Ní & na

16 Tindall - not parsed yet

17 yes

19 robin  - sack (rob) in

21a Rabbit - 'rabbi' + '(correc)t' (ultimately)
24a Nina - 'N(orthern) I(reland) na (Scot. "not")'
16d Tindall - 'till' (work, about) 'n(ew) d(uck's) a(rse) (hairstyle)'
17d Yes - 'out' (banned) + 'grow' (mushroom)
19d Rob-in



Till - work


D.A. (hairstyle)

For 16 as far as I have got is till (work) round n(ew) - can't account for the other 2 letters 

Thanks both - I tried googling but couldn't find the reference to D. A.

Question Author

many thanks but missed very last one 

14a cleaner who is portrayed as stupid in shakespeare 4 A?A? alan?



Troilus & Cressida

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