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Nyt Connections

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netherfield | 11:43 Sat 23rd Mar 2024 | Crosswords
3 Answers

Make four groups of four

Shadow, Name, Visa, Track, Discover, Photo, Glory, Stamp, Chase, Props, Learn, Credit, Tail, Find, Praise, Realize.

Chase-Shadow-Tail-Track. Is correct.

Discover-Find-Learn-Realize. Is correct.

Can't seem to link the last 8 words into 4s, tried Name,Visa,Credit,Photo,(cards) but it's wrong, no more chances left.



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name, visa, photo, stamp (passport)glory, praise, credit, props (giving respect to someone)
11:51 Sat 23rd Mar 2024
Question Author

Oops, maybe should be in Quizzes and Puzzles.

name, visa, photo, stamp (passport)

glory, praise, credit, props (giving respect to someone)

Praise props credit glory

(Types of praise)


Name visa photo stamp (card)

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Nyt Connections

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