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Finished Today's Speccie

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Tilly2 | 15:31 Thu 16th Nov 2023 | Crosswords
18 Answers

with the help of my big, fat, heavy Brewers.

I just need to check on two.

17ac. Author moving gently, dropping article.  Dante?

3 d. European bison left - is inside. Widest?


Thank you.




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17a An(dante)3d Wisent
15:34 Thu 16th Nov 2023

17a An(dante)

3d Wisent

Question Author

Thank you, JJ.

Thanks Tilly, I've still got three clues to solve, but I shall look at it again in the morning!

I have done all the clued clues apart from 31A

Humble US soldier and his heron (4-3)

presumably Poor Joe?


Not got my Brewers in London so a buit stumped as to what links them although i have got all the shaded letters bar one and can see that that is a capital asnwer in all likelihood!


I have it now!

Question Author

Poor Joe is correct.

Now, you have to find nine linked proper nouns, associated with/ hailing from that capital.

My heart sank when I saw the "B" word, but I've bowed to public pressure and ordered a copy. When it says the unclueds are verifiable in Brewer's, does it mean that the words are grouped within under the common theme or do they appear individually? 

All listed together, one after the other.

Thanks. I'm not familiar with Brewer's as you may have guessed ha 

Question Author

Be warned, Fod. It's not a pocket dictionary.

No Brewer, but the internet led me to the unclued lights. However, there seems to be a problem: 19d (unclued) leads to 26a, but this then clashes with 13d (unclued).

Helvetic, there's no clash in 13 D if you use the Brewer's spelling. I've just checked/Googled and the Wiki thing I read had a different version.

Question Author

Helveticus, ask for a Brewers for Christmas! It's a fabulous tome.

Question Author

I paid £40.50 for mine, from Foyles.

The spelling for the unclued 13d is confusing ??

The crossing letter 13D/26A must be an L which is what i had to start with before finding the spelling of 13D on Wikipedia which presumably differs from that in Brewers?!

What about 34D Recitatives starting Scarlatti comppositions even (5)

I have SC?NE


JohnP, the Scene stuff is discussed on another thread. S(carlatti) C (omposition) and Ene, e'ne, even.


Yes, the Wiki variation for 13 D doesn't work, the Brewer's one does.

... Scene being the plural of Scena, recitative.

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Finished Today's Speccie

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