The Week 1248 & The Times

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TioMateo | 10:54 Tue 23rd Feb 2021 | Crosswords
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The Week :- The lowest digit nailed (3,3) ?I? T?E Looks like BIG TOE, but why?

The Times :- 1) Writer of verses for Mass (5) P?U?D Looks like POUND, but why?
2) Did well sorting out what comes next, having time for son (7) T?R?V?D. Looks like THRIVED (Did Well), but can't make anything of the rest. 3) Commercial jingle in rhyme is preventing success (7) A?V?R?E. Looks like ADVERSE, but don't get it. TIA.


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shrive is to confess to a priest so Shrived with 't' for 's' =Thrived
11:02 Tue 23rd Feb 2021
pound was a poet, pound is mass/weight unit
Toes and fingers are digits, toes being lower than fingers.
1) (Ezra) Pound is a writer of verses.
Adverse- Ad(commercial) + verse(rhyme)
shrive is to confess to a priest so Shrived with 't' for 's' =Thrived
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Thanks to all but, whilst toes are lower than fingers, why LOWEST?, and, whilst rhyme is OK for verse, why JINGLE?
In relation to didgits the lowest of them are toes.
Ad verse describes a jingle in rhyme.
With respect to Danny -

Thrived - anag 'dervish' (next Down answer) with 't(ime)' for 's(on)'
Thanks L_i k. I didn't know what the next down answer was.I think OP could have mentioned it. :-)
Mateo, I think you should change BA to L-i k.

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The Week 1248 & The Times

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