Guardian Crossword 210

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Unicorn5 | 15:03 Wed 16th Dec 2020 | Crosswords
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Have done some, but am stuck on last six!

5D - Chocolate bar rubbish when taking running exercises (8) - ?E???I?S It looks like AEROBICS (Aero is a chocolate bar), but I can't understand the "BICS" bit at the end.

11A - Types of plant cultivar finally introduced to part of East Anglia (5) B?N??, but I think that these letters are after enciphering.

15D - Perhaps the Rees-Moggs are away in the Trossachs on vacation (5) S?E?R, again I think that this is after enciphering.

21A - Hawk in small hole (4) - could this be SPIT before enciphering?

17D - Useless opponents, city men on holiday? (5) D???S

30A - Long walk back - note squashed frog (4) C?N? after enciphering. Feels like it should have something to do with Kermit the frog as this contains TREK backwards, but can't for the life of me work out how to parse!

Many thanks for any help.


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21 Spit is correct 17d Dudes
15:18 Wed 16th Dec 2020
25 toffs - off (away) in t(rossach)s
11 ferns - (cultiva)r inside fens
30 - Kermit reversed minus mi (note) = trek
21 Spit is correct
17d Dudes
bics ;
bs (bull *** - rubbish) around ic (in charge - running)
Aero + BS(rubbish) around IC (in charge/running)
21 - .....spit needs to be enciphered!
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Thank you very much everybody. Thought that Kermit has something to do with it, but I'd never have got the bull**** one!

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Guardian Crossword 210

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