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JJ109 | 11:29 Sun 03rd Feb 2019 | Crosswords
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3d German dish, cold grub (5) C _ _ _ T
I think that the second letter is R and the third is O, therefore CRO _ T
I hope there is a word CROOT as that then parses C(old) + Root (grub)= Croot
"Crout" with a "u" is an alternative name for Sourkraut (german dish) so I hope CROOT is an alternative spelling

5d Become mentally confused, as solitary fellow all arsy-versy? (6) M _ _ HE _
(the second letter may or maybe not be an "0")

7d German cab driver, clipped on the weather (6) D _ OSC _

11a Poor liquor accompanied by English constituent of mineral water (8)BA _ E _ _ N _
(I think this may be BAREBONE (barebon/bourbon + E(nglish), but I don't like it!)
(If "croot" is correct the third letter is an R)

13a Thoroughly adult and kindly disposed (5, 2 words) AF _ N _
A(dult) + fond???
If Croot is correct, the third letter is O

Many thanks


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5 Mither hermit with mit moved to the front
11:49 Sun 03rd Feb 2019
3d. c rout
13a a fond
Question Author
Thanks Mac, I should have checked "rout" ! Kicking myself now!
7 DR o(n) sky?
7d Drosky
5 Mither hermit with mit moved to the front
Question Author
Many thanks Jo and Calibax - It is drosky (I had Screen rather than the obscure spelling skreen!!!!)
Thanks for confirming A Fond and also Mither

That now means 11a = BARE _ IN _
11a) baregine
Question Author
Many thanks for that jadzia - all finished now!
Thank you, JJ. :-)

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Azed 2434

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