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76Th Anniversary Of Windrush Voyage.

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sandyRoe | 08:16 Sat 22nd Jun 2024 | News
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The voyagers were coming to help rebuild a nation that had been deeply scarred by the war.

There's now a 'Windrush Day', what will you be doing to celebrate it?



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And it was Naomi!After the RAF my dad's first job paid him just £1 more than his job he left in Jamaica. Very beneficial indeed!!!
17:52 Sat 22nd Jun 2024
Question Author

And thank those who came for their service to our nation.

Nothing.  What will you be doing?

Question Author

I might go for a light lunch of rice and peas in a recently opened West Indian restaurant.

That'll do it.

That's sounds great Sandy!

I will be cooking my jerk chicken later with homemade coleslaw.  I think I've put too many scotch bonnets in, phew!!

I might stand on my doorstep and clap, teary-eyed as modern day visitors to our southern shores pay their own homage in their own way.

Sharon, sandyRoe's wooden spoon is in full flow.

I might have a Caribbean curry.

I might pop to the pub and chew over the fat with Audley who is of Jamaican decent.

Not because it's 'Windrush Day' it's just what I generaLly do on a Saturday. I doub't if Aud even knows it is 'Windrush Day'

And at least it is only 'Windrush Day' not 'Windrush Month'

Question Author

I do sometimes resort to my wooden spoon but not in this post.

There is a West Indian restaurant fairly close to where I live.

Nothing special. 

The nation accepted a number of immigrants. Big deal. Nothing that's needing a celebration. They wouldn't have come had they not seen it as beneficial for them.

Old geezer it's a pity the people back here then could not step up to the plate!!

I agree, OG.  They didn't come out of the kindness of their hearts.  They came because it was beneficial to them.

Question Author

And those who came between 39 and 45 to join up, was that particularly beneficial to them?

^^^^^As my dad who came here & joined the RAF.

Presumably, like the rest from the commonwealth who joined us, they didn't fancy life with the  Nazis any more than anyone else did, sandyRoe.

Question Author

So pre 45 they were altruistic lovers of liberty and after self serving.


You do them a disservice, sandyRoe.

Question Author

Whenever they came their aim was to serve the motherland, as many thought of England, both in the war and in its aftermath.

There was nothing wrong in seeking a better life.

No one said there is - as long as it's done legally.

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76Th Anniversary Of Windrush Voyage.

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