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If Islam Never Existed ?

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fender62 | 18:56 Sat 21st Oct 2023 | News
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iv pondered this a few times, what would the world be like without islam, to me.. islam is a very misogynistic belief system, you could say that about most abrahamic beliefs though, sad really,



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There is a difference between what is done in the name of Islam and what others do in the name of their religion.  Unlike any other religion, Islam can and does, through its literature, justify its actions and the sooner the apologists wake up to that fact - and it is a fact - the better.   Whether ignorant or naive, they are doing the world no favours.   Islam cannot...
23:29 Sun 22nd Oct 2023
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Islam has been around for 1,400 years.
Before that there were plenty of wars, fighting and smitting.

They are all cults who hate each other. Your judgement as to who is better or worse depends on which cult you belong to.

I belong to none.


Islam is the worst.

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i follow none, personally i think they are all deluded to the pont of hysteria, where people are murdered or maimed, may as well believe in ufo's or the wizard of oz, it's like they are awake sleeping, the worlds a beautiful place and abundant with kind folk...

I'm with Roy here.

All religions are cults imho.  They have all done dreadful things in their time.  But there are many good people in religions.

Since Man has possessed the intellect to think outside himself, he has invented a 'higher power' to give him comfort and reasoning for the things he doesn't understand.

From trees and storms to the sophistication of 'gods', mankind needs something to look up to.

If it wasn't Islam, it would be something similar. 

something similar

like Christianity, which is pretty similar. It was Christians who launched the Crusades, though in the course of one of them they sacked Constantinople - which was Christian. Islamic revivalists often attacked Muslim cities too, in the name of purification.

Exactly. All fervents think they are right, and the more fervent they are, the more homicidal they  become.

So far as I was aware (and I was not taught this by a religious group, but as a basic 'nuts & bolts of religions' course because in Bfd. all teachers needed to know something about them all) Islam very nearly did not exist.

Mohnammed, having been in his  cave and had visions, tried to join up with the Jews, who turned him down, and the younger Christians, who did the same.  So he went out on his own to build  his religion. (Bfd. R.E. multi-faith paper)

Don't get at me if you think I'm wrong.  It's a simplified version of course, but I've not come across anything to say anything different. 

Rejection is hard to live with.

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they are all nutz as far im concerned in this day and age, was in my garage dismantling and old american camaro engine, got me thinking, do people have nothing better to do then imagine a man in the sky..

Religion, all religion, is collective hysteria.

I genuinely believe that anybody who thinks there's a god has a form of mental illness.

"Tell people there’s an invisible man in the sky who created the universe, and the vast majority will believe you. Tell them the paint is wet, and they have to touch it to be sure.”

the late great George Carlin.

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Deskdiary, tell them the paint is wet, and they have to touch it to be sure.” the late great George Carlin.

now thats funny, but oh so true..iv seen that, left handed screw drivers or hammers...

Most, if not all religions certainly don't treat women very well.

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ladybrider, subjugation..some guys and religions do not like women making strides and better themselves wihtout men, fear and sounds funny but my .... is bigger, never thinking..but i can give birth to a child...tut tut, thye do not like that.

LB at 8.14 - this is why I always felt Corbyn was a word that can't be said on AB - the worst word.

How this clown could call Hamas "friends" when their stated goal is death to Jews, the annihilation of Israel, their hatred of women and their hatred of people who are attracted to the same sex, is utterly beyond my comprehension.

Jews can't help being Jews,women can't help being being, and being gay is as natural as being straight. 

They are scumbags of the highest order as are any supporters of them, like the utter and unadulterated scumbag cretin Corbyn.

Christianity, in the UK at least, seems to be being kept going by women.  Every new bishop these days seems to be female. Ours is.

Percent of  worldwide Christian population that is:

  Catholic (50.1%)
  Protestant (36.7%)
  Eastern Orthodox (9.4%)
  Oriental Orthodox (2.5%)
  Other Christian (1.3%)

'Something similar'.  There is nothing similar.  

To answer the question, if Islam never existed the world would be a better place.  It's a blight on this planet.

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