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Do We Want Such Centres In Britain?

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anotheoldgit | 09:26 Thu 18th Apr 2013 | News
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And if such drugs are classed as illegal how can they suddenly become legal in only certain locations such as Brighton, which is already called the Gay centre of Britain?


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You must admit that AOG gets attacked on a daily basis regardless of what he posts. If he said it was Thursday,today, the same old faces would argue the point, accuse him of reading the day off the front of the DM. I was wondering why he bothered the other day. Guess he'd miss it and I know the lefties would.
17:49 Thu 18th Apr 2013
What has *which is already called the Gay centre of Britain?* got to do with story?

The drug "problem" wont go away.

So you either try to ban it totally and hunt down the pushers and dealers, which has not worked.

Or you allow addicts to go to official places to take drugs, thus taking the drugs out the hands of criminals.

A HUGE number of small crimes (mugging, shop lifting etc) are to raise money to pay for drugs so anything we can do to reduce this must be a good thing.

And drug gangs will resort any measure (even murder) to keep control of their "patch" so lets take them out the picture.

Remember the worst time in the USA for criminal gangs was when they banned alcohol during prohibition so there is something to be said for legalising drugs and controlling their distribution and use.

Personally I would bring back the death penalty for people who import dangerous drugs into this country, but it aint gonna happen.

That was my immediate reaction too when I read the OP!

That ^^^^ was at ummm's post.
What's the relevance of Brighton being "already called the Gay Centre of Britain" in a story about heroin use in centres, aog? Do you regard both as bad in some way, rather than just the heroin use?

Need to see whether there's any valid reason for thinking these centres work. I suspect there isn't. I am not sure that heroin addicts think in the way the organisers expect them to.
Why do they not make them rehab centres instead and try to wean them off drugs.
Gay centre of britain It's kind of relevent in the context of AIDS.

As gay men are already a high risk group for aids having needle reuse going on by IV drug users is likely to have exacerbate the problem disproportionately

Rehab centres have a rather mediocrer success rate when people go to them voluntarilly.

Forcing people into rehab centres would be pointless
by allowing addicts to go to official places to take drugs wont take the drugs out the hands of criminals..i personally think its appalling that free heroin is going to be dished out when in parts of the uk life giving cancer drugs cant be obtained in some areas!!!!!
The fact that Brighton is already the Gay centre of Britain is entirely connected with potential drug debauchery.

They are both parts of the same general sad loss of morals and decency in society - I wouldn't wonder if one doesn't automatically lead to the other.

After all, both are equally unacceptable to normal decent hard-working people in the country, who have just seen off the greatest leader we have ever had.

I think we should go the whole hog, and make it the centre for unmarried mothers as well - that way we can concentrate all society's dregs in one place, and leave the rest of the country clean for the rest of us.

I really can't see a problem here - can anyone enlighten me?
It is which is why this is an excellent idea. Addicts get clean needles and free drugs so what do you suppose that will do? I think it might halt the spread of HIV and drive locals drug dealers out of business as it has in Germany. I think it's an excellent idea.
the one main problem i see is that its us tax payers who will be footing the bloody bill!!!!!!
I hope that post was sarcastic, but doubt it somehow.
Duck andy, the ceiling is about to fall on you - but I agree.
Herion's a lot cheaper than Avastin Dollie!

Our current drug laws are failing miserably - everybody who's looked at the problem acknowledges that - we cant just carry on the way we are with policies that don't work.

We have to try new things - whether this is the right 'new thing' I dont know but not changing is not an option
You forgot ginger people andy-hughes- they could round us all up and stick us there too ;-)
Lol Andy....I thought you were serious for a second....
Hmm, it's a good idea in principle, but I'm not so sure it will work.
I don't think the average heroin user is that bothered about jacking up in a safe environment, to be honest.
No city is going to be "happy" to have one of these centres, but then these are also the people that moan about needles being found on the streets.
The idea is a good one, but it certainly won't solve the issue.

On another note, I think your thread should have come with a "graphic content" warning. That photograph wasn't exactly pleasant.

Im sort of torn here.

A part of me thinks "yeah good idea" but another part of me thinks "Thank Christ it's nowhere near where I live!"
jim - please see ummm's post.

Thank you!

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