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Are Women Really This Fickle? aka ('La Donna E Mobile')

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eyethenkyew | 08:04 Tue 21st Aug 2012 | News
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The Beeb has just announced that over 500 amateur companies have applied for a licence to stage the above show - 'Calendar Girls'.

Does this prove once and for all just how fickle many women are?

Some scream from the rooftops about exploitation, yet here we are with thousands of them apparently busting (no pun) a gut to let it all hang out.
Yer average 'feminist', though, will probably be burning her bra again - if she wears one?


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Surely that's from Rigoletto, not Calendar Girls?
08:09 Tue 21st Aug 2012
Dearie me. Here we are in the second decade of the 21st century AD and apparently there is an average feminist by which to measure self-determining women.
Can we have more details so we know how to better inform our wives and daughters?
Why is it fickle?
Its all in the name of art donchaknow, whereas Page 3 Girls who willingly want and strive to be well paid as Page 3 Girls are traitors to the sisterhood because they are perpetrating the objectification of wimmin.
Surely that's from Rigoletto, not Calendar Girls?
Its a shame Ruby is no longer on this site, the AB resident Millie Tant, because she'd've had a field day with this question.
...but a woman who marries a non-working millionaire and adopts a live of luxury from his purse is the lovely Kate Middleton and not at all providing any kind of negotiated exchange of favours....

Come along now people, we are grown ups and we know it's never either/or.
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Yes, well spotted! The accepted translation of 'La donna e mobile' i "Women are fickle" even although it is in the singular.
Question Author

I thought it may just provoke a slight reaction.
OAP'S getting their bangers out for charity is hardly exploitation. It's not exactly my cup of tea though.
It seems accepted in some cases that, within the same sentence, plurals and singulars become blurred. As in ...

A woman without her man is nothing.

Which, of course, needs to be punctuated as:

A woman: without her, man is nothing.

"man" in that example clearly referring to ALL men.

ps. ... "bangers" ???
Its just the BBC making big T*T's of themselves again. Maybe they will cross their hearts and hope the stage show does not go bust ?

Nessie @@
this is about supporting cancer charities, seeing as that is the story.
one of the ladies husband died and the Women's Institute ladies got together to do a calender to raise money for charity, it's been a while since i watched the film. But sure that pretty much it. What is so surprising about that, how about the blokes who happily get their kecks off in productions of Chippendales, and the Fully Monty.
Their is nothing exploitative about Calender Girls, they are not by definition girls, but mature women, who are like the fun runners in the London Marathon, doing it because they care.
jj, when they hang that low, they bang. ;-)
As em10 said the play of the "Calendar Girls" is not about exploitation. It's a story of friendship, loss, cameraderie and doing something seemingly unusual, at least for the WI, in order to raise money for charity.

And if the audience were to see anyone nude on stage then something will have gone very wrong!

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Are Women Really This Fickle? aka ('La Donna E Mobile')

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