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Get Your Groove Online

10:45 Wed 07th Dec 2011 |

Whether it is listening to your DAB radio in the kitchen whilst making dinner or having your iPad on when travelling on the bus music touches almost everyone. And now there are so many sources to choose from, even your own phone can be your personal music station only restricted by the size of your memory card.

The internet is now playing a huge role in what people listen to and also making and breaking hits. With the popularity of sites such as You Tube anyone can become a pop star, just look at Justin Bieber and Christina Piri.

Most of us just want to listen to the things we like and this can easily be done with the internet. With sites such as Last FM where you can build up a personal library of your favourite music and bands and it will recommend other artists that are similar.

Another popular way to listen to music is internet radio. Some of the most popular sites are the BBC Radio channels and the BBC iPlayer where you can listen to programmes again.

Simply search for “music sites” on the internet and you will find a whole host of music channels that cover every genre from heavy metal rock to classical to pop. Here is a list of some of the more popular sites:

So whatever you are into you can find it online, just turn up the volume!!!

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